• Proper Wireless Charger For Airpods

    Proper Wireless Charger For Airpods

    Never forget to plug in and recharge again thanks to the Proper Wireless Charger For Airpods. Fashioned to sit neatly on your desktop or bedside table, the gorgeous anodized machined aluminum solid block sports an anti-slip rubber base to keep those expensive Airpods safe and a much welcome tangle-free flat USB-C to USB-A cable.

  • Nomad Ultra Rugged Kevlar Cable

    Nomad Ultra Rugged Kevlar Cable

    The most capable range of cables out there. Thanks to its Kevlar braided exterior around a Kevlar core, the Nomad Ultra Rugged Kevlar Cable might just almost be durable enough to double as a tow rope! If you are the kind of guy–or gal–that needs fast charging on the fly, then these bad boys can handle speeds of up to 100W and are resistant to tangles as well as tears.

  • Paracable


    Get connected with what may just be the world’s best Lightning and Micro USB cables. Built to last and synch like no other, each Paracable is wrapped in ultra durable 32 strand paracord and sheathed in aluminum while the 2-plus amps of available charging capacity means your devices will be topped up faster than they’ve ever been juiced before. Choose from a range of lengths and vibrant colorways.

  • Grovemade Apple Watch Dock

    Grovemade Apple Watch Dock

    Yet another drop-dead gorgeous offering, the Grovemade Apple Watch Dock breathes life into your smart watch. The soft, machined circular natural cork top–available with a light or dark finish–sits anchored by a brushed stainless steel base, all completely encapsulating the plastic charging puck that takes just two and a half hours to fully recharge your watch from scratch.

  • Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition

    Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition

    If you haven’t started charging your gadgets wirelessly, what are you waiting for? It’s convenient. Get with the 21st century. The Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition offers wireless watch smartphone charging that supports Apple Watch and Qi smartphones. It features 3 x Qi-compatible charging coils and 7.5W of charging power per coil. Power your gear all from one place. It features solid, premium construction with an aluminum top body covered in beautiful leather. Your Apple watch is positioned on …cotinue reading

  • PlugBug Duo

    PlugBug Duo

    Expand and streamline your charging capabilities with PlugBug Duo, an all-in-one MacBook and USB charger for your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Five included AC plugs have most of the world’s outlet configurations covered, while the pair of 2.1-amp USB ports offer uber-fast replenishment making this an essential for every Apple-loving GearCultre globetrotter.

  • Nomad Battery Cable

    Nomad Battery Cable

    The super-smart Nomad Battery Cable knows to first charge your iPhone before it replenishes its own reserve 2,800 mAh portable battery. On-the-go charging was never so convenient or lightweight thanks to this ballistic nylon braided wire with robust aluminum housing. Ideal for emergencies, this Apple MFi approved device will give you a 20% power boost.

  • Pad & Quill Heritage Apple Watch Band

    Pad & Quill Heritage Apple Watch Band

    Made from luxurious American full-grain whiskey leather, with elegant contrasting stitched French-hemmed edges, the Pad & Quill Heritage Apple Watch Band is a perfect complement to your Apple Watch. Classy and timeless, the robust non-tapering strap and 24mm solid brass buckle give the band a rugged look and mean years of lasting wear. The 25-year leather warranty and 30-day money-back promise give further testament to the true quality of this band. Choose from polished nickel or matte black for your …cotinue reading