• Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

    Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

    Turn your favorite skateboard into an electric board with the Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit by Unlimited x Loaded. Regardless of deck size and style, this kit can convert just about any skateboard into a powered version. Available in three kit options, including Solo, Cruiser, and their top-end Race Kit that comes with two batteries with a range of 13 miles on a full charge and two motors to reach tops speeds of 26 miles per hour.

  • Vintage Electric Rally Bike

    Vintage Electric Rally Bike

    A win-win combination, the Vintage Electric Rally Bike is part of a range that takes some stupendously hip old school bike designs and adorns them with industry-leading technology like the 750W Torque-Sense + drivetrain with five levels of pedal assist. The Rally model is not only good for city commutes but tearing up some trails come the weekend.

  • Flectr 360 Wing Bicycle Reflector

    Flectr 360 Wing Bicycle Reflector

    Flectr’s latest bike reflector provides 360 degrees of visibility. Like other Flectr products, the 360 Wing simply sticks on the rim of almost any bicycle wheel – it adds no drag or imbalance and practically zero weight. It works even in wet conditions and is dirt-repellent. The reflector is available in six colors.

  • Vanqraft VQ16

    Vanqraft VQ16

    Vanquish Yachts’ Vanqraft VQ16 is a great complement to yachts. It accelerates, rides and works like a water scooter yet has room for up to five people. The standard model is powered by a 1.8L 200hp Yamaha engine and goes up to 40 knots, while the Veloce model has a max speed of 50 knots. 

  • Headless Electric Skateboard

    Headless Electric Skateboard

    The thrill without the bill. The Headless electric skateboard has a pre-order price of $199 as of this writing, but even at its regular price of $299 it’s still cheaper than most quality electric skateboards. It also ditches the remote in favor of a button that’s large and conveniently located near the board’s tail where your feet would normally rest. You simply kick, push the button once, and the board will maintain a cruising speed of up to 12mph. If …cotinue reading

  • Raleigh Redux 2

    Raleigh Redux 2

    From legendary British bike making brand comes the city slicking Raleigh Redux 2. Built for the commute but with the nimbleness of a mountain bike, the aluminum frame and fork makes it light enough to easily cart up subway and apartment building steps, while control and handling are enhanced by way of its large diameter handlebars, nine gears and hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Velox Electric Off-Road Skateboard

    Velox Electric Off-Road Skateboard

    Another level of revolution in electric skateboarding, brace yourself for the Velox Electric Off-Road Skateboard. The state-of-the-art range is capable of tackling a range of terrains thanks to heavy-duty constructions, ten-inch wheels and a patented independent suspension system that allows an astonishing six-plus inch of travel. It’s the most fun you can have standing up.

  • Vintage Electric Roadster

    Vintage Electric Roadster

    eRides don’t come much more elegant–or powerful–than this Vintage Electric Roadster. Boasting a user-friendly thumb throttle and five power modes, its 1,123-watt-hour battery and rear hub will transport you up to 75 miles at up to 36mph while barely breaking into a whisper. Fully charges in just four and a half hours.