Howler Brothers x Super73 s2

The Howler Brothers x Super73 S2 is a cool electric bicycle made by two well-known brands. This limited edition e-bike combines the rugged outdoor look of HOWLER BROTHERS company with the advanced engineering and design of SUPER73, a top maker of electric motorbikes. The two brands collaborated to create a vehicle that blends style, utility, and durability seamlessly.

Powering the S2 e-bike is a powerful electric motor and a long-lasting battery, offering an exciting and eco-friendly riding experience. The bike’s frame is made from lightweight but sturdy materials for a smooth and responsive ride. The bike also has a sleek and simple design components and finishes that reflect the unique styles of both brands.

The e-bike is perfect for both city streets and rugged trails, thanks to its robust suspension system and knobby tires. Additionally, the bike features like built-in storage compartments and a stylish yet practical cargo rack makes it convenient choice for urban commuters and outdoor adventurers alike.