Original Collapsible Candle Lantern

Perfect for any outdoor pursuits–from backpacking to mountaineering–the Original Collapsible Candle Lantern has provided natural light to thousands for decades. Now it’s your turn. A true classic, it uses one UCO 9-hour candle housed in a safe and efficient lantern so you can get bright light in the great outdoors when you need it. The lantern is made from a lightweight and durable aluminum with a patina-bronze finish and a hand-stitched leather sleeve for a refined yet rugged look. You’ll enjoy a constant, steady flame as the spring-powered candle tube automatically pushes the candle up as it burns. Use the convenient view slot to see how much is left of the slow-burning candle while you’re using it. The Original Collapsible Lantern also features a carrying handle, hanging hook, and twist-lock base.