ABUS Granit Super Extreme 2500

The ABUS Granit Super Extreme 2500 is a tough bike lock that offers protection against theft. It is part of the Granit series, ABUS’ flagship line of high-security locks designed to withstand even the most determined attempts at tampering or breaking. The lock features a 16mm square-link hardened steel chain encased in a durable fabric sleeve, ensuring maximum resistance against cutting tools like bolt cutters or hacksaws.

The lock body itself is constructed from a hardened steel alloy, making it virtually impenetrable to brute force attacks. Additionally, the Granit Super Extreme 2500 incorporates ABUS’s patented Code Card system, which utilizes a user-replaceable code disc to prevent unauthorized key duplication. With its construction, security features, and user-friendly design, this bike lock provides protection for cyclist, offering peace of mind and safeguarding against theft.