• Bowlus Road Chief

    Bowlus Road Chief

    A trailer so majestic you’ll be tempted to sell up and settle in it full time, introducing the Bowlus Road Chief. Built by hand in California and riffing on the retro ’30s design, the stunning aluminum exterior cradles a luxurious interior fashioned from premium woods and stainless steel and festooned with glamping goodies like a two-burner Italian stovetop, underfloor heating, and a sofa and armchairs that can be converted into extra beds.

  • Jyroball


    One of the coolest and most original commuting solutions, well, ever, the Jyroball allows you to ride what is essentially a ball. The self-balancing, soccer ball-sized sphere sports a couple of retractable footrests and rolls its rider along at speeds of around 12mph for up to 14 miles off a single charge.

  • EZRaider Go Anywhere Scooter

    EZRaider Go Anywhere Scooter

    To anywhere, and beyond, with the EZRaider Go Anywhere Scooter, a four-wheel, all-terrain electric ride available with 2- and 4WD. Good for up to 25 miles off a single charge, it reaches speeds of up to 30mph and for added convenience and portability even folds up. Put it through its off-road paces and it’s one exhilarating ride.

  • Halfbike 3

    Halfbike 3

    The third generation seat-free, stand-up tricycle, Halfbike 3, is every bit as joyous as it predecessors, and then some. Now you can navigate your urban jungle with greater grace and efficiency thanks to some tweaked geometry, extra gears and the addition of nigh-on maintenance-free drum brakes. The manageable design is light and portable, folding to easily fit in your trunk.

  • Extracycle RFA

    Extracycle RFA

    When you’re bragging that yours is the “world’s first future-proof electric bike” then you’d better be able to back it up. The Extracycle RFA is all about the extra, a city commuter, utility- and mid-tail cargo bike compressed seamlessly into one–the RFA stands for “ready for anything”. There are heaps of accessories and neat features such as the ability to easily adjust the position of the rear wheel and a choice of two powerful Bosch motors.

  • Aero-X Hoverbike

    Aero-X Hoverbike

    Make a note in your diary. The year 2017 is the year the coolest man-toy in history will be released: the Aero-X Hoverbike. It’ll carry 310lbs 12 feet off the ground at speeds of 45mph and it promises to be thrilling. They’re taking down payments now and we expect they’ll sell fast.

  • OneWheel Pint

    OneWheel Pint

    Supremely easy to ride and just as easy on the eye and wallet, OneWheel Pint is a single wheel electric skateboard with a top speed of 16mph and range of up to eight miles. The convenient, compact design–just 27 inches long and replete with a carry handle–also means you can take it on public transport or stash it under your desk or that coffee shop table with ease. No remote control with this one, just lean to ride.

  • Muli Cargo eBike

    Muli Cargo eBike

    This cleverly designed cargo bike packs a helluva lot of luggage, shopping and even a kid or two, but unlike its peers doesn’t take up a whole lot of floor space. The Muli Cargo eBike is equipped with a mammoth 90-liter cargo basket (that folds down to 11 inches wide) and is powered by an impressive Pendix motor than can shift riders that weigh up to 375lb along with 154lb of gear.

  • Surly Big Easy

    Surly Big Easy

    Go tour galore with the Surly Big Easy, a sumptuous electric assist ride that’s the “18-wheeler of the cargo bike world.” The long-tail two-wheeler can haul and tow masses of gear thanks to a Bosch Performance CX drive unit–their most powerful–and dual battery capability, coupled with a frame designed for integration with Surly Bill and Ted Trailers.

  • Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite

    Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite

    As graceful and as elegant as its savanna-prancing namesake, the Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB Elite is a powerful yet nigh-on silent e-bike. Powered by a mid-mounted Bosch motor, it’s also supremely comfortable and efficient thanks to wide tires, and premium suspension in the front fork and seat post, with a range of up to 90 miles. This baby’s a 2019 IF Design Award winner.