Safety & Security

  • Vibram Performance Sole

    Vibram Performance Sole

    The Vibram Performance Sole is the is the first Portable Sole ever created by Vibram to increase grip on wet ice. As we all know, wet ice is one of the worst condition you can walk on. However, Vibram Arctic Grip technology makes you walk and feel safer on it. It is designed to be folded, so it can be packed in your gear and unpacked in just a moment, so you will have it ready when you need it. …cotinue reading

  • AGV AX-9 Helmet

    AGV AX-9 Helmet

    Life is all about adventure and if you find your adventure with on/off road touring and riding, the AGV AX-9 Helmet has everything that you want in a helmet. This versatile helmet has lightweight construction, four different configurations, improved ventilation, 190 degrees of horizontal vision and 110 degrees of vertical vision. It is designed for long rides and any conditions, so it is ultra comfortable with a premium-quality interior. It has a lightweight fiber composite shell, built with Carbon + …cotinue reading

  • Haven Smart Lock

    Haven Smart Lock

    The Haven Smart Lock is one of the more unique smart locks on the market. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, you want only the best. Install it inside it on the floor near the bottom of your door and you have total control via a mobile app or a key fob. This smart look is made of military grade materials and it works by raising a wedge at the base of your door that blocks …cotinue reading

  • TASER Pulse+

    TASER Pulse+

    You get double the protection and plenty of peace of mind thanks to TASER Pulse+. This discreet and smart piece of self-defense kit not only stops a would-be attacker dead in their tracks (don’t worry not literally dead), but thanks to the Noonlight app automatically enables an emergency dispatch immediately to your location.

  • Cardo PackTalk Bold

    Cardo PackTalk Bold

    Stay connected and ride safer with Cardo PackTalk Bold, an audio and communication system that enables motorcyclists to keep their hands on the bar and eyes on the road at all times. The voice activated device can connect with groups up to 15-strong with up to a mile-range, while its Bluetooth capabilities enable you to ride to your favorite tunes, too.

  • ABUS SmartX Lock

    ABUS SmartX Lock

    Don’t let some undesirables snag your prized two-wheel ride, get smart with the ABUS SmartX Lock. This bike lock with a difference is not only forged from specially hardened steel but boasts an ear drum-bursting 100dB alarm, USB port and GPS location, while its user-friendly keyless locking system seamless synchs with your cellphone.