Misc Gizmos

  • Polaroid Lab Phone Photo Printer

    Polaroid Lab Phone Photo Printer

    Polaroid’s upcoming device lets you print photos from your smartphone onto instant film in seconds. Simply download its complementary app, select your photo and place your phone’s display over the Polaroid Lab. The photo will be printed as if it were taken with an instant camera. It also lets you split a photo into several prints, and even add augmented reality features. Available starting October 2019.

  • PrintPen


    Print text or images on almost any surface with the PrintPen. It’s a battery-powered printer in the shape of a pen. It works on paper, textile, ceramic, leather, wood, glass, metal, and even on skin. It has a removable ink cartridge and can be filled with different kinds of inks.

  • Rollova Digital Ruler

    Rollova Digital Ruler

    The Rollova is a small disc-shaped digital ruler. You simply trace the length you want to measure, whether it’s a straight line, a box, a curve or an uneven shape. Its form also makes it suited for different textures and materials. It shows measurements in metric or imperial units. It has a stainless steel body and an OLED display.

  • TORCHSTAR Wall Mount Charger

    TORCHSTAR Wall Mount Charger

    There is plenty of bang for your buck with the TORCHSTAR Wall Mount Charger, without the worry of anything actually going bang thanks to the built-in surge protection. Four devices in one compact unit, there are a pair of USB ports, four AC power outlets, a soft glow LED night light and a holder that can handle a cellphone, a tablet or an ebook reader.

  • Sugru


    A super useful concoction that should be gracing every tool kit or ‘that’ kitchen drawer. Sugru is the world’s first moldable glue that sets so powerfully it turns into silicone rubber. Bonding permanently to just about anything and setting overnight, there’s not much this can’t fix while staying waterproof, shockproof, heat- and cold resistant, flexible and able to insulate up to 24 volts of electricity.

  • ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf

    ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf

    A neat space-saving solution on which can be placed the likes of Google Wi-Fi, Sonos One or smart speakers, meet ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf. Good for a capacity of up to 10lbs, the wall mounted shelf incorporates handsome plate covers and a built-in cable-management system. You’ll be buying more than one of these babies for rooms all over the house.

  • Orbitkey Camo

    Orbitkey Camo

    A camouflage pattern might not be the wisest option for the thing that most people most often misplaced, but the Orbitkey Camo is one key organizer that’s far too cool to miss. The limited-edition everyday carry is constructed using a pairing of 1050D ballistic nylon and 500D Cordura nylon and finished in unique digitized camo.

  • OmniFob


    Keyport’s OmniFob is a key fob that can control smart devices such as lights, garage doors and speakers with just a couple of clicks. You can program it to toggle multiple devices at once, and you can save up to 100 commands at a time. It even has an optional accessory that lets you control certain functions on vehicles.