• Urbanears Ralis

    Urbanears Ralis

    The awesome audio firm’s first ever portable speaker is a beauty, meet Urbanears Ralis. The Bluetooth offering arrives in a handsome, minimalist cube, with a 20-plus hour battery life and USB port to re-juice other devices. Can be connected to two phones wirelessly while also sporting an aux jack and water-resistant casing.

  • Soul ST-XS2 Bluetooth Earphones

    Soul ST-XS2 Bluetooth Earphones

    Their second generation offering, the Soul ST-XS2 Bluetooth Earphones will blow your mind and eardrums–in a good way! A handy little hook means they almost mold to your ear for a perfect fit, ideal for workouts, as are features such as a fully waterproof construction, a mammoth battery life (up to 25 hours) with a pocket-sized USB charging case, and a transparent audio mode that allows you to hear the traffic.

  • YETI Loadout GoBox

    YETI Loadout GoBox

    As if Yeti gear wasn’t tough enough already, the YETI Loadout GoBox appears to have been injected with steroids. Crafted to grace the likes of truck beds and whitewater rafts, this super rugged, uber waterproof container measures 20.6×14.7×11.2 inches to protect all of your most valuable valuables. A sturdy box so spacious it can fit other boxes–think tools and tackle.

  • Spinner Drive

    Spinner Drive

    Screw the old way, there’s a new tool in town and it promises to make you twist. The Spinner Drive offers four times the versatility, making light work of the likes of rusted screws without having to resort to the likes of regular, precision or T-handle screwdrivers, all carried out using an action similar to holding a pen. Minimal force is required to impart maximum torque, turning faster and with greater efficiency.

  • Paracable


    Get connected with what may just be the world’s best Lightning and Micro USB cables. Built to last and synch like no other, each Paracable is wrapped in ultra durable 32 strand paracord and sheathed in aluminum while the 2-plus amps of available charging capacity means your devices will be topped up faster than they’ve ever been juiced before. Choose from a range of lengths and vibrant colorways.

  • Aero-X Hoverbike

    Aero-X Hoverbike

    Make a note in your diary. The year 2017 is the year the coolest man-toy in history will be released: the Aero-X Hoverbike. It’ll carry 310lbs 12 feet off the ground at speeds of 45mph and it promises to be thrilling. They’re taking down payments now and we expect they’ll sell fast.

  • Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

    Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

    Create your very own cool camping commune with the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent. A portable twin treehouse tent, it has a removable fly sheet and is up for grabs in a choice of three hues. Its crowning glory, however, is its ability to connect to other tents to create a suspended campsite. Literally, hang out with your friends. How cool is that?

  • ZingAnything Citrus Zinger

    ZingAnything Citrus Zinger

    Add a zesty twist to dull-tasting H2O with the ZingAnything Citrus Zinger. It’s a great way to encourage greater water consumption, boosting both your hydration and vitamin intake. Easy to use, simply unscrew the bottle, add your slice, screw back and shake. Holds 27 ounces of fluid and sports a finger-hole carrying handle for those jogs.

  • Deejo Tattoo: A Most Beautiful Blade

    Deejo Tattoo: A Most Beautiful Blade

    Whether it be a self-gift or to show your dad, son, brother, husband or boyfriend just how much they’re loved, you can’t go wrong with a Deejo—a dapper everyday carry that can be customized with cool tattoo designs. Measuring around the length of a pen when folded, the uber-lightweight design is barely noticeable in a pocket—or in a pack—but pull it out, unsheathe it (it arrives in a handsome holster) and unfold it and the Deejo sure promises to arouse …cotinue reading

  • nanoSTRIKER


    Be the toast of your campsite — or maybe even a lifesaver should you find yourself stranded – with nanoStriker. It’s a fire-starting revolution that fits on your keychain. Premium quality at minimum size, features include a lightweight aluminum body, tungsten carbide striker, replaceable ferrocerium rod and over one thousand fire-starting strikes. So efficient, will even get going when wet.