• 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Controller

    8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Controller

    The SN30 Pro+ is 8BitDo’s most customizable controller yet. Using its companion software, you can remap each button, assign multiple inputs to a single button, and even adjust the sensitivity and range of its analog sticks and triggers. It connects to PCs, the Nintendo Switch and Android devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or USB-C.

  • Jyroball


    One of the coolest and most original commuting solutions, well, ever, the Jyroball allows you to ride what is essentially a ball. The self-balancing, soccer ball-sized sphere sports a couple of retractable footrests and rolls its rider along at speeds of around 12mph for up to 14 miles off a single charge.

  • Leather Topiary Shears

    Leather Topiary Shears

    A gorgeous gift for the green-fingered gent–or gal–in your life, Leather Topiary Shears sees the firm’s much-loved soft-squeeze shears get an upgrade. The high-carbon, hardened, tempered steel compact blades are super sharp and accurate, and now complemented by soft, water-resistant leather handles for a firmer and more comfortable grip. Arrives in a fine-looking green gift box.

  • Monster X Power Bank

    Monster X Power Bank

    The Monster X is one of the most compact power banks that has an AC outlet. It’s only about 4″ long and 3″ high and weighs only 1.4lb. It also has two USB-A and two USB-C charging ports, as well as a Qi wireless charging surface. Its 20,100mAh battery can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

  • Mokacam Alpha3 Action Camera

    Mokacam Alpha3 Action Camera

    Mokacam’s Alpha3 action camera supports HDR, allowing it to capture more realistic photos and videos. It shoots up to 4K video and has electronic image stabilization for smooth and sharp footage. The Flip version has a 180º swiveling rear screen, while the Pro version is waterproof down to 10ft.

  • Trio Laptop Monitor

    Trio Laptop Monitor

    Mobile Pixels’ Trio is a 1080p USB external monitor designed to be used with laptops. It comes with magnetic adhesives and a case that lets you clip up to two Trios to your laptop for a portable double or triple screen setup. You can swing a Trio up to 270º backwards, perfect for giving presentations on the go.

  • Dainese Smart Motorcycle Jacket

    Dainese Smart Motorcycle Jacket

    Dainese’s Smart Jacket is a safety vest for motorcyclists. It automatically deploys an airbag to protect your chest and back when it detects that you’re about to take a fall. If it’s been activated, you can have its airbag replaced. The jacket is stylish enough to be worn over your clothing, and slim enough to be worn under another jacket. It’s also waterproof and foldable.

  • Tipen EDC Pen

    Tipen EDC Pen

    Ysmart’s Tipen is designed to be carried on a keychain or used as a zipper pull. It comes with an aluminum or titanium body and is resistant to impacts, fire, and water. Its tungsten carbide tip can also be used to pry or puncture.

  • ElevationShelf


    Elevation Lab’s ElevationShelf helps keep your desk tidy while storing your essentials within reach. It attaches to the underside of your desk via the included 3M adhesives. It also comes with wood screws for a more permanent setup. It has a hole in the back for cables and comes with a stick-on cable management clip, so you can also use the shelf as a handy spot to charge or connect peripherals.

  • Roli Lumi Keyboard

    Roli Lumi Keyboard

    Lumi is Roli’s entry-level portable keyboard. It has bright light up keys and a companion app that will quickly have you playing along with songs. Its app also teaches musical concepts and playing techniques. When you’re ready for more, snap the Lumi together with other Roli Blocks.