Things You May Not Know About Living in the Northern United States

If you were shopping around for something such as the Milwaukee Houses for Sale and you found the home of your dreams, you’ve got some learning to do!

First of all, congratulations on buying a home! Second, if you’re moving from somewhere down south or out west and this is your first home in the north, be ready for all it has to offer and throw at you too!

Here’s some things you may not know about living in the Northern United States (US).

1. Nature’s Full Rotation

Down south there really isn’t a distinction between the end of the seasons. Sure the temperatures might drop or rise a bit but it’s always hot and the plant life doesn’t change much.

This is absolutely not the case up north.You will certainly know when summer ends and fall begins, and even more so when fall ends and winter starts.

And even though the temperature changes will be drastic, the changing colors of the leaves from green to beautiful fall oranges and reds will be worth it. You’ll get to witness the full cycle of seasons in all its beauty.

2. The Cold Gets To You

Speaking of the seasons, the winter will come, so it’s not only important to prepare your wardrobe for the cold, but your home too.

You’ll want to get a few more big blankets than you probably have and you’ll want to consider putting in some window insulators and draft blockers for your doors.

These things and more will help you stay warm during winter and even help save money on your heat bill too!

3. Road Trip Eh?

Depending on where you live up north, your distance to the Canadian border can range from a few minutes to just a few hours.

If you’ve never been or just want to go back, this is a perfect opportunity to visit a new country. There’s plenty to do in any part of Canada and it makes for a great summer vacation!

4. New Activities

When you move up north, you’ll have access to plenty of new activities that you might not have experienced before. If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding down south on fake snow, riding down a hill on real snow is totally different and is definitely worth doing at least once or twice.

Another activity that is better up north is sitting around a nice fire pit with some smores. Nothing beats a chilly night with you and your friends or family gathered around a fire making some delicious treats. This is a must try for any new northerners!

Winter activities may also become a big part of your life now, so make sure to find some you enjoy and begin loving your new life living in the Northern United States!