• Patagonia ReCrafted

    Patagonia ReCrafted

    Patagonia’s new Worn Wear ReCrafted collection consts of toolkits, bags, t-shirts, vests and down jackets made from old Patagonia apparel returned by customers. Each item is available in limited quantities and is one-of-a-kind.

  • Levi’s x Star Wars Collection

    Levi’s x Star Wars Collection

    Levi’s is launching a collection of apparel and accessories with prints and details based on the original Star Wars trilogy. The diverse collection’s designs range from subtle woven details, to printed tees, to jackets and jeans printed all over with the Rebel Alliance and Death Star dogfight. The collection will be available online starting 11/1/19.

  • The North Face Eco Heritage Collection

    The North Face Eco Heritage Collection

    The North Face’s Eco Heritage collection combines classic style with modern sustainability. The Eco Nuptse puffy vest, Eco Nuptse puffy jacket and Eco Mountain jacket retain the silhouettes of their original releases. But now all of them are 100% made from recycled polyester, and the Nuptses are filled with recycled down.

  • DuoTek Reflective Jacket

    DuoTek Reflective Jacket

    Reflective jackets are nothing new, but they’re either expensive or poorly made. Enter Fullframe Design and its DuoTek jacket. For just $99, you get a reversible hooded jacket – one has a reflective layer, while the other has a UV-repelling black layer. It’s also waterproof – including its five pockets – windproof, stretchable, and light.¬†

  • Death Saves

    Death Saves

    Founded by actor Joe Manganiello and designer Damian Higgins, Death Saves is a fast-rising apparel brand that combines fantasy RPGs, heavy metal and streetwear. They offer graphic tees as well as jackets, hats, and various accessories.

  • Vollebak Black Squid Jacket

    Vollebak Black Squid Jacket

    Vollebak is reissuing its highly reflective, waterproof and windproof jacket, which sold out in 3 days when it was first released. Inspired by its namesake animal, the Black Squid Jacket is embedded with over 2 billion microscopic glass spheres. Under low light, its surface is mostly black with flashes of color. But when exposed to bright light, it becomes adorned with pools of vivid colors.

  • Labo Mono Urban Jacket

    Labo Mono Urban Jacket

    Each Labo Mono Urban Jacket is made from 30 recycled plastic bottles. But it’s not just environment-friendly. It’s highly functional as well, particularly for cyclists. The jacket is waterproof and has zipped underarm vents, a hood large enough to¬†accommodate a helmet, reflective details, and a long back to protect your pants from back spray.

  • Vollebak Graphene Jacket

    Vollebak Graphene Jacket

    Vollebak has created the world’s first jacket that is partially made of the wonder material, graphene. The reversible jacket is nylon on one side and graphene on the other. The graphene side absorbs and retains heat so well that you can leave it out on the sun or any other heat source then wear it to enjoy the stored warmth.