• Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

    Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

    Thanksgiving just got a lot safer and healthier for the fried turkey lovers with the Oil-Less Turkey Fryer by Char-Broil. This device uses infrared technology that cooks an entire turkey without the use of cooking oil. The cooking is done in a double-wall, cylindrical chamber, powered by a propane-fueled, 18,000 BTU burner. With a stainless steel inner wall, heat is distributed evenly, ensuring foods are cooked thoroughly with juicy and crisp results. And the best part, it automatically cooks at …cotinue reading

  • RSVP Herb Scissors

    RSVP Herb Scissors

    Who needs knife skills when you have the Herb Scissors by RSVP. This clever tool simplifies work around the kitchen by allowing you to cut, chop or mince herbs directly into a pan. The design features a set of five, 3-inch, stainless steel blades and large plastic handles with soft silicone lining for comfort.

  • ChopBox Smart Cutting Board

    ChopBox Smart Cutting Board

    The Yes Company added a ton of practical features to the humble chopping board. The ChopBox has a built-in UV light that sanitizes both of its surfaces, addressing the biggest problem with the tool. It also has a slot so you can disinfect up to three knives at once using the light. A portion of the board also functions as a digital weighing scale and a timer, with a display that becomes invisible when not in use. Finally, it has …cotinue reading

  • Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer

    Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer

    Save time while making your life–at least in the kitchen–a lot easier with the ingenious Robo Stir Automatic Pot Stirer. Boasting three silicone feet to prevent damage to your pan, it’ll stir the entire surface area of its contents like soups, beans and sauces for up to four hours. Dishwasher friendly and a cinch to set up and dismantle.

  • PicoBrew MultiBrew

    PicoBrew MultiBrew

    PicoBrew’s upcoming MultiBrew is a compact appliance that can make coffee – both hot and cold brewed – tea, beer, kombucha and infusions. Its onboard computer and versatile design will let you make great tasting single servings, a pitcher, or even a keg of your drink of choice with just a few taps on its app.

  • Sqoop


    You’ll be wanting to proudly display Sqoop, a superbly named, retro-cool coffee scoop crafted from hardy cast iron for a rugged, industrial look, and offset by a teak wood handle that’s a joy to behold. Craftsmanship at its finest courtesy of HMM, it’s unusually-shaped square head only adds to its allure.

  • Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver

    Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver

    Based on the traditional Alaskan ulu knife, the Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver is a beast of a blade that affords more strength and reliability than a regular folding one. Made especially for hunting, the rounded, well-balance stainless steel blade makes light work of big game, while the finger hole and handle allow for multiple hand positions. Arrives in a leather sheath.

  • Professional Grade Chef Apron

    Professional Grade Chef Apron

    You could very nearly fight fires in the Professional Grade Chef Apron owing to its sizable surface area forged from hardy, 10oz cotton. But it’s not all about its Teflon-like toughness, this functional garment sports an array of pockets and pen slots and loops for the likes of towels and culinary tools. Ideal for everyone from baristas to backyard barbecuers.