• Small Transparent Speaker

    Small Transparent Speaker

    Deigned in Scandinavia–where else?!–the Small Transparent Speaker sports an aluminum frame with tempered glass walls allowing you to see its inner workings. But it’s not just about the beauty, the Bluetooth-enabled box blasts crisp audio with a deep bass, while some smart systems allow for wireless upgrades, so that its tech, like its looks, will never be obsolete.

  • Solgaard Solarbank Boombox

    Solgaard Solarbank Boombox

    Expect boom and lust with this three in one gadget, a power bank, Bluetooth speakers and solar-powered unit all rolled into one. Charge your other devices on the go while enjoying your favorite tunes, the Solgaard Solarbank Boombox, compatible with Lifepack, its super duper design auto-charges in sunlight, with one hour of the sun providing two hours of music and just four hours of UV for a single phone charge.

  • Urbanears Ralis

    Urbanears Ralis

    The awesome audio firm’s first ever portable speaker is a beauty, meet Urbanears Ralis. The Bluetooth offering arrives in a handsome, minimalist cube, with a 20-plus hour battery life and USB port to re-juice other devices. Can be connected to two phones wirelessly while also sporting an aux jack and water-resistant casing.

  • Counterbalanced Turntable

    Counterbalanced Turntable

    A record-spinner so unlike any other, it’s a world first. The Counterbalanced Turntable boasts dual rotating platters – counter and clockwise – canceling sonic aberrations that often distort its lesser contemporaries. A beautiful, award-winning audio gem, it also sports hydraulic insulation, silent Swiss-made DC motors, and a sophisticated CPU system.

  • LED Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker

    LED Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker

    To be enjoyed pretty much anywhere there’s fun and/or illumination needed, whether it be the beach, the backyard or on a camping trip, this rechargeable LED Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker won’t let you down. Riffing on the iconic hurricane lamp shape, this not only emits light for up to seven hours, but pairs via Bluetooth with a music source to provide partying for up to five hours and is even splash-proof to boot

  • Cavalier Audio Air

    Cavalier Audio Air

    A smart speaker seemingly sent from the heavens and crafted from the earth, Cavalier Audio Air incorporates premium leather and walnut wood, packed with functions such as Qi wireless and USB charging, Wi-Fi for streaming and voice control compatible with the likes of Alexa and Amazon Prime, and a speakerphone with in-built Echo Noise Cancellation. The sound’s superb thanks to a 20W stereo speaker system, there’s LED lighting and multi-room support. There’s plenty more, but we don’t have enough space, …cotinue reading

  • SoundCannon Turret-I

    SoundCannon Turret-I

    The superbly named SoundCannon Turret-I is an affordable, award-winning (iF Design Award) portable Bluetooth speaker, with a range of more than 30 feet and built-in mic for hand-free calls. Crisp sounds are delivered courtesy of the five-watt loudspeaker while the rechargeable battery’s good for up to seven hours. Get it in white or black.

  • Aquablaster


    The awesome, Amazon Alexa approved Aquablaster is a waterproof portable speaker with an in-built mic that delivers impressive sound thanks to an eight-watt driver with a powerful passive sub bass. Enjoy Alexa at a touch and play/pause functionality in a choice of three funky colorways. Connect via the Boompods app and take it absolutely anywhere you please.