Loaded Fathom Longboard

The Loaded Fathom sets a new standard in the world of longboarding. It’s perfect for both experienced riders and newcomers, featuring an innovative design and excellent performance. The Fathom’s core innovation is the Loaded Zee Bracket truck system, elevating the drop-through and drop-down truck concept for an exceptional riding experience.

Speed and control are at the core of the Fathom’s design. It’s designed for higher commuting speeds with its large wheels, making it an efficient choice for riders going to class or work or exploring new routes while keeping sweat at bay. Its low ride height, stable platform, and reduced footbite risk enhance control for riders of all skill levels.

What makes the Loaded Fathom truly special is the pure fun it delivers. Its double-drop brackets and narrow trucks provide remarkable responsiveness and agility, defying expectations for a board with such large wheels. You can choose between the Dad Bod setup for smooth rollover power or the Caguama setup for quick acceleration, ensuring a thrilling ride. Crafted with top-quality materials, it offers comfort with 8-ply maple construction and slight camber for a smoother ride. Plus, it’s easy to transport due to its compact size, making it a versatile choice for urban adventures. The board’s unique Polynesian-inspired graphic adds an adventurous touch to your rides. The Loaded Fathom isn’t just a skateboard; it’s an invitation to explore your city with exhilarating speed, control, and style, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newbie eager to embrace skating.