Deejo Tattoo: A Most Beautiful Blade

Whether it be a self-gift or to show your dad, son, brother, husband or boyfriend just how much they’re loved, you can’t go wrong with a Deejo—a dapper everyday carry that can be customized with cool tattoo designs.

Measuring around the length of a pen when folded, the uber-lightweight design is barely noticeable in a pocket—or in a pack—but pull it out, unsheathe it (it arrives in a handsome holster) and unfold it and the Deejo sure promises to arouse some serious blade envy.

Thanks to a super user-friendly online tool called MyDeejo, you may log on and get creative, designing a bespoke blade for that bloke with heaps of gorgeous, swirling designs to choose from. Highlights include the French-inspired art nouveau finish that sees the blade engraved with an evocative, early 20th-century motif; a ‘biker’ blade replete with a brooding skull sketch; a blade with an intricate feathered wing; or a timeless tribal pattern.

While that beautiful business end is yours in three finishes (mirrored stainless steel, matte gray titanium, or black), so the handle is forged from a choice of carbon fiber or wood—again in a choice of hues. Timber slabs include the fragrant juniper with its emotive, peppery scent; coral wood, noted for its mysterious splashes of red and amber that wonderfully complement that blade (a nice option for the lady in your life); or enchanting ebony, the densest and most durable of them all. If minimalism is more your thing, you can choose to keep the handle naked or get it engraved for that extra personal touch.

The secure liner locking system is fine laser engraved like the blade, there’s a belt clip and a choice of three weights: 15g, measuring 7cm closed; 27g, measuring 9cm; and 37g that comes in at 11cm when closed.

With more than 60 blade designs, five choices of wood in eight colors—not to mention the ‘naked’ and carbon fiber options—for the handles, and with five fonts for the engraving, the combination possibilities run into the thousands making for a nigh-on one-off treat. What’s more, they’re crafted and your doorstep within 72 hours and available with accessories such as leather cases, sharpeners, and a collector’s box. With Father’s Day on the horizon, we couldn’t think of a more fabulous gift.