• Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic

    Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic

    For all the exceptional blades out there, there’s still something reassuring about seeing that Swiss Army stamp, that seal of guaranteed quality. The Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic is the firm’s first fixed blade knife and sports a full-tang stainless steel construction with a Micarta-scale handle and Kydex sheath. Ideal for everything from camping to hunting to fishing. Choose from two blade types.

  • Titaner Heavy Duty Utility Knife

    Titaner Heavy Duty Utility Knife

    While some every day carries take pride in their subtleties, this bully blade embraces its badassness. The Titaner Heavy Duty Utility Knife is a grade 5 titanium, CNC machined offering that boasts a fingerprint button for no-slip operation, and well-thought features like a hidden locking spring and a pocket clip. The stainless steel blade can be easily changed for a new one or when in transit.

  • K1 16-in-1 Utility Knife

    K1 16-in-1 Utility Knife

    The K1 is a keychain-sized multitool that packs 16 functions in the form of a boxcutter. It comes with two screwdriver bits and several 1/4″ wrench bits. You can also use it as a pry tab, a bottle opener and a ruler. It fits most disposable utility blades.

  • Lifesaber Emergency Charger

    Lifesaber Emergency Charger

    Hand-cranked generators are nothing new, but the Lifesaber makes it easy by allowing you to operate it one-handed. Twirling the device for 15 minutes generates enough charge to power up a dead mobile phone. You can also crank it with two-hands to generate more power in less time. It has a 2200mAh battery, a charging port, a flashlight and a siren. It also has optional water filter and plasma lighter modules.

  • myCharge Camping Lantern

    myCharge Camping Lantern

    We love a good outdoors gadget nearly as much as we love the outdoors, and the myCharge Camping Lantern ticks a bounty of backcountry boxes. The high-powered LED camp light features four settings–including an SOS flash–backed by a dual USB port for super-fast charging. The two-in-one power bank and lantern is good for up to 40 hours of illumination.

  • Rollova Digital Ruler

    Rollova Digital Ruler

    The Rollova is a small disc-shaped digital ruler. You simply trace the length you want to measure, whether it’s a straight line, a box, a curve or an uneven shape. Its form also makes it suited for different textures and materials. It shows measurements in metric or imperial units. It has a stainless steel body and an OLED display.

  • Gerber Straight Lace

    Gerber Straight Lace

    A neat everyday carry, the Gerber Straight Lace sports a slip joint design that allows its three-inch stainless steel blade to be opened and closed without a traditional lock. Attractively offset by a blue or green-scaled aluminum handle with a complimentary red and white stripe, with a reversible pocket clip and lanyard hole.

  • GPCA Carabiner

    GPCA Carabiner

    GPCA’s heavy duty carabiner also packs a handful of commonly used tools, including a box cutter, a Philips and a flat head screwdriver, a pry tool and a bottle opener. It can carry up to 480lb and comes in titanium, stainless steel or aluminum.