• 2019 Nike Waffle Racer

    2019 Nike Waffle Racer

    Nike brings back one of its first ever silhouettes. The modern release of the iconic Waffle Racer running shoe retains the original’s timeless look, shape, wedge midsole and waffle outsole. But it brings with it modern comforts – the midsole now has two different densities and the sockliner is made of memory foam.

  • The North Face Eco Heritage Collection

    The North Face Eco Heritage Collection

    The North Face’s Eco Heritage collection combines classic style with modern sustainability. The Eco Nuptse puffy vest, Eco Nuptse puffy jacket and Eco Mountain jacket retain the silhouettes of their original releases. But now all of them are 100% made from recycled polyester, and the Nuptses are filled with recycled down.

  • T-Bô Ballsy Boxer Brief

    T-Bô Ballsy Boxer Brief

    Underwear that towers over its rivals, these things sell by the boatload for good reason. The T-Bo Ballsy Boxer Brief is part of a men’s range fashioned from technical silk-soft fabric crafted from organic bamboo, viscous and spandex, and finished to provide comfort and support while being breathable, bacteria-battling and hypoallergenic. Your tackle will thank you for it.

  • SOLO NY Packable Backpack

    SOLO NY Packable Backpack

    Whether to be stashed in the glove box or another backpack when on the road, it’s always handy to have a spare bag. The SOLO NY Packable Backpack is ridiculously lightweight and packs into a built-in pouch that’s small enough to fit into your palm. Sizable and stylish when unfurled, it boasts a hip black camo pattern.

  • Fair Harbor Compass Pant

    Fair Harbor Compass Pant

    Blending the durability of workwear with classic style, the Fair Harbor Compass Pant is crafted from a highly technical fabric that’s super “green” to boot–mainly fashioned from recycled bottles, with cotton and some spandex. The four-way stretch material is also quick drying and water repellent and offered in a range of understated hues.

  • BRV Collection

    BRV Collection

    Repurposing with purpose, the BRV Collection is a range of fashionable everyday essentials fashioned from recycled industrial-grade tarpaulin meaning they’re tough and utterly waterproof. Items include tote bags, bi-fold wallets and doppkits, in black with splashes of contrasting blue, orange or yellow. The well-designed, guilt- and worry-free products include features like seatbelt strap handles, water-resistant zippers and RFID protection.

  • TAYLRD Tech Chino Pants

    TAYLRD Tech Chino Pants

    A range of pants stylish enough for the city while being comfortable and tough enough for travel and adventure. The TAYLRD Tech Chino Pants are fashioned from a proprietary technical fabric that is moisture-wicking, water-resistant, machine washable and super stretchy (four ways), and available in a tailored or slim-fit cut.

  • APL TechLoom Breeze

    APL TechLoom Breeze

    You certainly won’t go unnoticed in the striking APL TechLoom Breeze, a limited edition, luxury sneaker finished in vivid peach. There is very little weight (6.8oz) and plenty of substance to these running shoes thanks to the company’s proprietory Propelium technology that maximizes both comfort and the efficiency of your stride.