8 Grooming Tips for Your Hairy Pet

If you adore pets, you probably know the importance of properly taking care of them. And grooming is part of the responsibilities that you have to fulfill for your pet. Furry/hairy pets tend to shed their hairs, and you cannot shave them entirely because that coating serves a vital health purpose. As a result, you have to employ the right grooming tips to give you an easier time when it comes to cleaning. Failing to groom your furry pet will undoubtedly give you headaches because they usually shed smaller hair. Sometimes, the hairs may blend with your carpet, making it even harder to see and clean. If you have been facing these problems, this article will list eight grooming tips that you could carry out on your furry pet.

1.Trim Your Hairy Pet’s Paws

The first grooming task that you need to do for your furry pet is trim its paws. If you’re clueless of the ideal clipper to get for this job, you could always look for suggestions from hairclippersclub.com. When a pet has long paw hair, it is imperative for you to trim it. You may notice the hair on top or under the paws; sometimes, it even grows between the toes. It is something that you should look out for on a regular basis – it is advisable to check the paw hairs weekly. If the hair overgrows, it may negatively affect the health and comfort of your pet. How? A lot of hair around your pet’s paws caused debris to accumulate quickly. Also, in wet conditions, the paw hair could stay wet, irritating your pet.

2.Brush Its Hair Daily

Cats and dogs are some of the most adored pets by man. If you have one in your house, you need to ensure that you brush its hair on a daily basis, regardless if it sheds hair or not. When carrying out this task, however, you need to ensure that you use the right grooming equipment. The importance of brushing your pet on a daily is to stimulate the circulation, eliminate the loose hair from the coat, and to remove the dirt and debris on your pet’s coat. Moreover, it is an effective way of controlling shedding, and it ensures that your pet’s coat stays tangle-free. Interestingly, this is an easy task that should only take you a couple of minutes every day. It also saves the time that you would spend cleaning and vacuuming your floor.

3.Bathe Your Pet

When you have a pet in your home, it is important to schedule baths to keep it clean. However, this is a task that shouldn’t be carried out on a daily basis. If you keep a dog, scheduling a bath once a month does just fine. On the other hand, cats don’t do so well with baths; therefore, you should bathe them less frequently. A few times every year do them just fine. There are other smaller pets, such as hamsters, which need to be washed only when you notice they’re dirty, or when they have walked over a messy thing such as feces. Keep in mind that dogs give you the easiest time when it comes to taking a bath.

4.Use a Tool to Detangle the Hair

If your pet has long hair, there is a high likelihood that its hair will get tangled. As a result, you need to equip yourself with a detangling tool. You should always use it when you are brushing your pet, and ensure to focus on areas where hair tends to tangle quicker such as the armpits. These tools are effective because they make brushing less painful. You should use them often because when your pet’s hair is tangled, you will have a harder time controlling it.

5.Clean Your Pet’s Ears

Another grooming task that you must carry out on your pet is cleaning its ears. Make this a regular habit. It is important to clean all the pets’ ears, but furry pets need it more. Why? The hair inside the ears holds moisture, and if it is left standing there for long, your pet could get infections. You should clean the ears using cotton balls and ear rinse. Cleaning your pet’s ears could be a hard task because pets aren’t enthusiastic about having things poking their ears, but you have to do it. You need to do this at least once a week.

6.Clip Its Nails

If you think that trimming your pet’s nails is a hard or an unnecessary task, you need to change your school of thought. It is one of the most important grooming tasks. Why? It helps keep your pet comfortable when it is walking around. When the nails are long, they end up pressing against the ground, and this might cause pain to your pet. You need to watch on their growth and trim them after every two weeks. Also, ensure to be cautious when trimming to avoid clipping your pet’s quick.

7.Understand Your Pet’s Shedding Program

As a pet owner, you need to learn all your pet’s behavior, including its shedding pattern. It helps you to take better care of your pet. You could know when your pet is shedding when you see hairs on the floor. If the shedding is in excess, you have to reach your pet’s veterinarian for the best advice. Having a clear grasp of its shedding pattern also allows you to keep the right grooming schedule, avoiding a messy situation.

8.Protect Your Floors and Carpets with Throw Rugs

You need to keep rugs in your house at strategic positions, especially those that your pet loves. The rugs collect the largest share of your pet’s furs, preventing it from spreading all over your house. You could also place the rugs at the entry point to help collect the debris your pet brings in. Also, ensure that the rug is washable for easy maintenance.


Taking care of your pet is vital for its health. The grooming tips mentioned in this article could help you to keep your pet comfortable. It is necessary for you to carry out each grooming task appropriately. They could help you avoid unnecessary visits to the veterinary.