Fishcape Fishbowl
  • Fishcape Fishbowl

    Fishcape Fishbowl

    When it comes to aquarium landscapes, there are simple ones that are borderline boring, and there are the pimped out ones that are way over the top. The Fishcape Fishbowl, however, is just right. Its design is simple and clean, and it’s easy to clean. This handmade glass bowl holds up to 2.5 gallons of water and features a built-in mountain landscape.

  • Paper Jam Press

    Paper Jam Press

    We’re not sure why anyone wouldn’t turn this into a DIY project, but if you have the cash to spare, these Rock Posters by Paper Jam are a great alternative to the cheesy motivational posters you see in office walls and conference rooms. These posters are printed on 250g Somerset Satin sheets and shipped in a hard kraft tube. Since Paper Jam is open to ideas, how about printing “Don’t Stop Believing” for one of our office walls.

  • Voyage Guitars

    Voyage Guitars

    Looking for a guitar that travels well? Voyage Guitars easily break down in half to make traveling a breeze. Available in an acoustic and electric version, these full-size guitars feature a collapsible neck to easily fit in its included custom, high-impact backpack case. It’s really as simple as folding the guitar to store and unfolding it to play.

  • ResQMe


    The ResQMe is a must-have emergency tool that is small enough to slip into your pocket. This miniaturized escue tool features a spring-loaded head that can deliver up to twelve pounds of force to easily smash vehicle windows in case of a crash. The ResQMe also includes a razor sharp blade for cutting through jammed seat belts and an included clip used for hiding the blade and hanging the tool on a key ring.

  • Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Taking its name from an early American art form originating from the 18th-century whaling industry, Scrimshaw Knife Kit enables you to immortalize a hunt, catch or special occasion on your own personal bone-handled pocket knife. Choose from a lock-back or trapper bone model which will come with a hardened steel scribe, India ink, fine steel wool and more. There is step by step instructions to guide you through your personalization process. Get creative, get carving.

  • LifeStraw Go

    LifeStraw Go

    The game-changing award-winning LifeStraw has now been incorporated into a handy water bottle meaning you can fill up, on the go, at will. LifeStraw Go holds up to 670ml, is made from BPA-free Tritan and filters nearly every last trace of impurity. For every one sold, an African child gets a year of clean drinking water at school.