Deep Sentinel Security System
  • Deep Sentinel Security System

    Deep Sentinel Security System

    Just about the only thing missing from the arsenal of the Deep Sentinel Security System is your very own personal sniper. This next generation home security setup is equipped with artificial intelligence, HD cameras that form a virtual perimeter, strobe lights, two speakers and an ear-drum bursting siren. Not only was it developed with in put from dozens of police departments but will alert local law enforcements should there be something amiss.

  • Moment Anamorphic Lens

    Moment Anamorphic Lens

    Spruce up your social media feed with the Moment Anamorphic Lens that transforms your phone camera into a serious photo taker and film maker. Affix to your phone and enjoy cinematic, wide-angled letterboxed results along with the trademark anamorphic flares like those of classic Hollywood flicks. We’ll see you at Cannes.

  • Sidekick Notebook

    Sidekick Notebook

    We’re suckers for fun functionality here at GearCulture HQ, and what better epitomizes that than a notebook that wraps around the corner of your keyboard? The Sidekick Notebook is an ingenious reimagining of a writing pad, its angled spine allowing it to unfold into an L-shape for some added quirky convenience enabling you to easily jot down notes or sketches while you’re online or even reading a book.

  • Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 1 Whiskey

    Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 1 Whiskey

    Brewed on-site using the likes of applewood smoked, coffee kiln, and crystal malts, then fermented alongside a batch of fragrant boutique beers before being batch-distilled and aged on site in charred American oak barrels already propels Dogfish Head Alternate Takes: Volume 1 Whiskey to the top of our new favorite tipple tree. But the added bonus of being finished in honey rum barrels really knocked us and our taste buds of our feet!

  • Kichler Terna LED Ceiling Fans

    Kichler Terna LED Ceiling Fans

    Available in the likes of brushed bronze, nickel, and weathered steel finishes, the industrial-inspired Kichler Terna Ceiling LED Fans are a spectacular centerpiece for any room. The unique blade design promises to make the most of both wide and smaller spaces, the fans pointing upwards around an LED lamp, rather than around the usual horizontal plane.

  • Smart Home Control Hub

    Smart Home Control Hub

    Those who fear their digital addiction is ever-separating them from the natural world should feast their peepers on the Smart Home Control Hub, essentially an internet-connected length of lumber. The tongue-in-cheek design hides a touch sensitive interface that acts as a control center for all your home’s connected appliances while also being able to receive and display messages. It’s equipped with a voice command microphone–but alas does lack a speaker, so queries are answered by way of text.