Factory Wallet QOT Bifold
  • Factory Wallet QOT Bifold

    Factory Wallet QOT Bifold

    It’s amazing how many cards (eight) and how much cash can be be crammed into the super slimline Factory Wallet QOT Bifold, reducing unsightly bulges in parts of your pants where you don’t want them. The clever design incorporates a convenient pull-out strap and quick access compartments and is crafted from recyclable materials like vegan microfiber leather.

  • Mophie Powerstation Keychain

    Mophie Powerstation Keychain

    A real life-saver–though not in the sense of a defibrillator or a doctor anything like that–the Mophie Powerstation Keychain is a miniature emergency power backup. The 1,200mAh personal powerbank clips to your keys, bag or belt loop for that emergency boost of power when you need it most. And we all know when that is–when you’re least expecting it.

  • Mugsy Jeans

    Mugsy Jeans

    Quite possibly the most popular item of clothing in history jeans may well be, but they’re certainly not always the most comfortable. Mugsy Jeans are not only a fine reincarnation of the classic, straight-leg look, but sport a high-tech soft, flexible and breathable construction that’s stretchy enough to even do yoga in.

  • Lifeproof LifeActiv Power Pack 10

    Lifeproof LifeActiv Power Pack 10

    Now available with QI wireless charging, the Lifeproof Life Activ Power Pack 10 is our new go-to powerbank here at GearCulture. Not only that, but this super-quick 10,000mAh charging beast boasts a shell that is waterproof, dust proof, cold proof and drop proof and has USB and USB-C ports. It also boasts a built-in LED-cum-flashlight.

  • Zulu Audio

    Zulu Audio

    Next level personal entertainment on the go, meet Zulu Audio. The world’s first magnetic wearable Bluetooth speaker system, it’s a wonderful alternative to headphones–and safer when running or riding a bike on the road–offering superb sound while affixing to your clothes and syncing up with your smartphone and also enabling hands-free calling.

  • Hyperlite Dirigo 2 Tent

    Hyperlite Dirigo 2 Tent

    This super slick shelter has been designed with trekkers specifically in mind, sleeping two people over three seasons. The Hyperlite Dirigo 2 Tent is constructed from Dyneema, a high-spec, state of the art fabric that’s waterproof, breathable and very lightweight, packing down into a roll that measures just 12x8x6 inches and weighs only 1lb 12 ounces.