1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
  • 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

    1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

    An icon reimagined, the 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 has been given the Legacy Overland treatment. New pistons, rings, bearings, and sleeves are added to the newly polished 2F six-cylinder engine, joined by the likes of an extra-strength roll bar, Bluetooth, LED lights and 16-inch steel wheels. The exterior was stripped right back to be, according to Legacy Overland, rebuilt “better than new”.

  • ChopBox Smart Cutting Board

    ChopBox Smart Cutting Board

    The Yes Company added a ton of practical features to the humble chopping board. The ChopBox has a built-in UV light that sanitizes both of its surfaces, addressing the biggest problem with the tool. It also has a slot so you can disinfect up to three knives at once using the light. A portion of the board also functions as a digital weighing scale and a timer, with a display that becomes invisible when not in use. Finally, it has …cotinue reading

  • Moft X Phone & Tablet Stand

    Moft X Phone & Tablet Stand

    Moft changed the laptop stand game with its incredibly thin and light stand. Now it’s planning to do the same for smartphone and tablet stands. The Moft X is just 0.20″ thick and weighs 1oz, yet it’s capable of doing a handful of things, thanks to its clever folding design. You can use it to prop up your mobile device in both portrait and landscape mode. You can use it as a finger grip. It has a magnetic surface for …cotinue reading

  • Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition

    Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition

    With their annual sales now topping over two million, it’s crazy to consider that way back in 1958, Toyota shifted less than 300 vehicles in the U.S.—and only one of those was a Land Cruiser. Iconic as it is, however, the Land Cruiser has struggled in recent years with the rise in popularity of the likes of luxury SUVs from the likes of Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz, but a recent surge in the thirst for legendary retro-four-wheel-rides with badges like …cotinue reading

  • Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

    Unlimited x Loaded Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

    Turn your favorite skateboard into an electric board with the Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit by Unlimited x Loaded. Regardless of deck size and style, this kit can convert just about any skateboard into a powered version. Available in three kit options, including Solo, Cruiser, and their top-end Race Kit that comes with two batteries with a range of 13 miles on a full charge and two motors to reach tops speeds of 26 miles per hour.

  • Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic

    Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic

    For all the exceptional blades out there, there’s still something reassuring about seeing that Swiss Army stamp, that seal of guaranteed quality. The Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic is the firm’s first fixed blade knife and sports a full-tang stainless steel construction with a Micarta-scale handle and Kydex sheath. Ideal for everything from camping to hunting to fishing. Choose from two blade types.

  • NOMAD Base Station Pro

    NOMAD Base Station Pro

    As if wireless charging wasn’t groundbreaking enough the NOMAD Base Station Pro re-revolutionizes it again. The integration of FreePower technology means up to three devices can be charges at once, in any orientation, while the aluminum housing and padded leather charging surface look and feel great. Compatible with most smartphones and Qi-enabled devices.

  • Mission Workshop Grandmaster II

    Mission Workshop Grandmaster II

    The only hoodie you’ll ever need, really. Meet the Mission Workshop Grandmaster II, revolutionary attire fashioned from high-tech fabric known as Cordura 4Ever that sports a smooth snag- and tear-proof exterior with a cozy fleece inside. Incorporating a couple of zippered handwarmer pockets and a sculpted hood with drawstring, it’s good for the city and the gym as well as chilling at home or around a campfire.