Toyota iRoad


Blending a car, motorcycle and buggy, the Toyota iRoad is a highly viable, not to mention downright fascinating, solution to traveling congested urban streets. Best of all, it even seats two, yet is only 33.5 inches wide, 56.9 high and 92.5 inches long. The enclosed body offers not only a degree of safety, but protection from the elements while also eliminating the need to wear a helmet. So coiffured hair is safe.

Balance and control comes courtesy of its ingenious three-wheeled design, its two upfront wheels incorporating Active Lean technology which can even neutralize imperfections in the road for the smoothest of rides. The pair of wheels are each powered by a 2.7-hp in-hub motor and lithium-ion battery which offers a generous 30-mile range and take only three hours to charge from a domestic power outlet. Be prepared to be on the receiving end of some serious head-turning.