Writing Instruments

  • Stealth Pen

    Stealth Pen

      Destined to be your new favorite pen, the Stealth Pen has a unique, aluminum uni-body design with just four components, making it lightweight and easy to disassemble and reassemble. Its slotted design gives you visual access to the ink cartridge and the wide aerodynamic shape lets you get the most comfortable writing grip. Sleek, stylish, and easy to refill, the Stealth Pen is the perfect writing tool.

  • Montblanc x UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton Fountain Pen

    Montblanc x UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton Fountain Pen

    We haven’t accidentally hit the zero an extra time, that really is a five-figure sum for a pen. But it’s some pen. The Montblanc x UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton Fountain Pen sports a gold nib with rhodium plating, and intriguing brushed, platinum coated body and individual serial number. Plus, it’s helping to support the very noble cause of giving kids a leg up around the world.

  • Helic Pen

    Helic Pen

    A stunning implement designed to last more than just your lifetime, the Helic Pen is crafted entirely from stainless steel with a choice of copper plating. A timeless classic with a very contemporary construction, the smooth twisting, and intriguing bolt action comes courtesy of serious precision machining for intricate, helical grooves.

  • Kosmos Pen

    Kosmos Pen

    Inspire your inner creator with Kosmos–the award-winning pen that was funded on Kickstarter within less than 24h. Combining a new mechanism with a minimalist design, Kosmos has a groundbreaking magnetic force that unlocks the pen with a simple shift of the cap. This pen is essential for the next wave of creative talents.

  • Twisted Sharpie

    Twisted Sharpie

    Shouldn’t the marker you use in your garage match its environment? The Twisted Sharpie takes a new spin on the standard Sharpie by making it out of twisted steal. Handmade in the USA, each limited edition pen comes with a signed designer card and personal serial number.

  • Montblanc Augmented Paper

    Montblanc Augmented Paper

    Take your note-taking to whole new levels with Montblanc Augmented Paper, which includes a classy Montblanc StarWalker pen and a beautiful black Italian-made leather notebook. Effortlessly merging old and new worlds, your real notes or sketches can instantly be converted into digital ones, which can then be easily shared or stored through the app.