Portable Media

  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    There was a time when 1TB of storage space took up a lot of physical space, but thankfully today we can hang 1TB from our keychains. The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is just such an option. It has a built-in loop for attaching to a carabiner and is small enough to fit in any pocket. It is the perfect storage solution for people on the go. This compact SSD has a rugged body that is resistant to both water and …cotinue reading

  • Fiio X5 Lossless Music Player

    Fiio X5 Lossless Music Player

    If your ears are discerning enough to require lossless music, the FiiO X5 Resolution Lossless Music Player makes the grade. This advanced digital music player has a powerful dual core CPU to accommodate the highest audio formats (DSD, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, and WAV) without a hint of noise. This is one player you’ll want at your next party.

  • R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Console

    R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Console

    With a highly respectful nod to the arcades of yesteryear, the stunning R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Console sports a solid wood construction which houses within state-of-the-art digital technology all wrapped in a tailored leather shoulder bag. A handcrafted slice of gaming artwork, it’s a stark contrast to contemporary devices that are made to be chucked after a certain time. This will age like a fine wine or cheese. Space Invaders and Pacman are among its many treats.

  • Sony W Series Walkman

    Sony W Series Walkman

    Think swimming’s boring? Not anymore. Not only is the Sony W Series Walkman portable and lightweight, but waterproof to a depth of two meters. As you’d expect from Sony, the sound’s sublime and it’ll hold around 1000 songs. We dare you to take a dip with the Jaws theme playing.

  • BlueAnt Ribbon

    BlueAnt Ribbon

    Wear your sound with the unique twist and go offered by the BlueAnt Ribbon. This compact Bluetooth device allows you to take your music wherever you may roam without ever having to touch your phone. It is designed to support any style of headphones, and the one-touch music controls allow for convenient listening while traveling.

  • MakerBot Mixtape

    MakerBot Mixtape

    The MakerBot Mixtape offers a nice dose of nostalgia to this digital music age. MP3 capabilities wrapped within a funky case that looks just like an 80’s cassette and without the reams of endless tape that always eventually clogged up your stereo. The inside memory card detaches and can be swapped with likeminded musical souls meaning that you can create your very own playlists to share with others – because nothing says I Love You like a mixed tape.