• Otterbox Trooper LT 30

    Otterbox Trooper LT 30

    Akin to a portable, personal refrigerator that’s tough and versatile enough for any adventure, the Otterbox Trooper LT30 keeps ice iced for up to three days–and more is not unheard of. Formidable features of this 30qt capacity beverage leakproof beast include a food-grade liner, heavy duty base, and bottle opener. The clever carry design means you can also sling it over your shoulder or cart it as a backpack.

  • FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle

    FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle

    The ingenious double whammy design of the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle offers security and space saving–a water bottle with a smart inner compartment that can store snacks or personal essentials. The stainless-steel vacuum design keeps drinks warm or chilled for hours, while the removable inner chamber also means that the whole thing is a cinch to clean, too.

  • LifeStraw Go

    LifeStraw Go

    The game-changing award-winning LifeStraw has now been incorporated into a handy water bottle meaning you can fill up, on the go, at will. LifeStraw Go holds up to 670ml, is made from BPA-free Tritan and filters nearly every last trace of impurity. For every one sold, an African child gets a year of clean drinking water at school.  

  • Pelican Ruck Case

    Pelican Ruck Case

    They reckon few things other than cockroaches would survive a nuclear apocalypse, but we reckon that the Pelican Ruck Case can be added to the list. The variously sized personal utility cases are made for adventure, ready to safely store essentials like phones and wallets and first aid kits in an organized fashion in shells that will stand up to all manner of thrills and spills.

  • Waydoo Flyer

    Waydoo Flyer

    Glide across the surface of a sea, lake, river or reservoir, sans waves or wind, with the wonderful Waydoo Flyer. Propelling watersports to another level, this eFoil board propels riders of all abilities (choose the most appropriate setting for your experience) for up to an hour off a single charge. Control it via a wireless handheld remote with a display screen for speed and battery and transport it easily in an SUV.

  • Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw

    Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw

    If you’re most at home exploring alpine environments while tethered to a rope, then we salute your adventuring spirit here at GearCulture. We also recommend that you invest in the Black Diamond Ultralight Ice Screw that combines a steel tip with an aluminum body and hanger equipped with a couple of clip-in points and a wire-gate express handle. It’ll certainly save on weight, hopefully it will never have to save your life.