• FOGO


    Stay safe in the backcountry with the durable FOGO, an essential outdoor compact gadget that blends a GPS receiver with a walkie-talkie, 1,200-lumen flashlight and USB battery backup in one handy unit. Impact resistant and water- and dustproof, it also features a lanyard and belt clip and a GoPro mounting adapter.

  • Kammok Roo Single UL

    Kammok Roo Single UL

    Tipping the scales at just 5.6 ounces, the Kammock Roo Single UL is the firm’s lightest camping hammock, and one of the lightest out there. Its feather-like qualities are achieved thanks to its construction from the remarkably lightweight and breathable Levitas fabric that’s hung courtesy of an innovative toggle system.

  • TentTube


    A camping revolution, it takes just one minute to pitch, then pack, TentTube, an inflatable tent that swaps out poles for air-filled tubes. Thanks to its inflatable AirFrame structure, the tent is 50 percent lighter than its peers, rolling into a vastly small packing space, while offering greater stability than steel poles, breathability and an impressive level of water- and wind resistance. Easily fits three, with plenty of handy stash pockets inside.

  • YETI Loadout GoBox

    YETI Loadout GoBox

    As if Yeti gear wasn’t tough enough already, the YETI Loadout GoBox appears to have been injected with steroids. Crafted to grace the likes of truck beds and whitewater rafts, this super rugged, uber waterproof container measures 20.6×14.7×11.2 inches to protect all of your most valuable valuables. A sturdy box so spacious it can fit other boxes–think tools and tackle.

  • Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

    Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

    Create your very own cool camping commune with the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent. A portable twin treehouse tent, it has a removable fly sheet and is up for grabs in a choice of three hues. Its crowning glory, however, is its ability to connect to other tents to create a suspended campsite. Literally, hang out with your friends. How cool is that?

  • ZingAnything Citrus Zinger

    ZingAnything Citrus Zinger

    Add a zesty twist to dull-tasting H2O with the ZingAnything Citrus Zinger. It’s a great way to encourage greater water consumption, boosting both your hydration and vitamin intake. Easy to use, simply unscrew the bottle, add your slice, screw back and shake. Holds 27 ounces of fluid and sports a finger-hole carrying handle for those jogs.

  • Original Collapsible Candle Lantern

    Original Collapsible Candle Lantern

    Perfect for any outdoor pursuits–from backpacking to mountaineering–the Original Collapsible Candle Lantern has provided natural light to thousands for decades. Now it’s your turn. A true classic, it uses one UCO 9-hour candle housed in a safe and efficient lantern so you can get bright light in the great outdoors when you need it. The lantern is made from a lightweight and durable aluminum with a patina-bronze finish and a hand-stitched leather sleeve for a refined yet rugged look. You’ll …cotinue reading

  • Nemo Rocket 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent

    Nemo Rocket 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent

    This well designed Nemo Rocket 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent offers sleeping space for two hikers while weighing just 22 ounces. A couple of doors mean a through draft for ventilation, as well as easy access, while their vestibules offer ample covered storage for gear. Forged from durable, high-tech materials and pitched with a T-bar pole structure for even head room.

  • Woolly Bear Trailer

    Woolly Bear Trailer

    One of the most versatile and manageable trailers out there, the Woolly Bear Trailer can be towed with ease by any four-cylinder vehicle and boasts a full-size, fully-equipped kitchen with pull-out draws with space for large coolers. Other features include 15-inch steel wheels with all-terrain tires, laser-cut steel cargo decks, and powder-coated steel cabinets and chassis. There’s LED lighting underneath and around the kitchen and cargo areas, and plenty of USB and accessory power outlets.

  • Izola Water Bottles

    Izola Water Bottles

    Motivation and hydration are equal partners when it comes to sweating it out in the gym, and Izola Water Bottles are your very own thirst-quenching personal trainer. Choose from a 10 or 25oz container emblazoned with a host of encouraging slogans to get that blood pumping. Should you get too carried away the double stainless steel casing can take quite the beating while ensuring your drink stays hot or cold.