• Newsight Reversible Umbrella

    Newsight Reversible Umbrella

    A classic design quite literally flipped on its head, the quirky Newsight Reversible Umbrella is so blatantly practical we’re wondering why it isn’t actually the norm. The inside-out folding design offers more protection when getting into/out of cars, and prevents moisture from touching the interior, while it can even stand on its own. Also sports UV protection.

  • Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

    Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

    Super comfortable, super portable, and super affordable, introducing the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. Designed to tackle the likes of lakes and mild rivers, it boasts a heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vinyl construction with two separate air chambers, removable seats, grab handles, a pump, removable skeg and a carry bag. There’s ample room for a pair of paddlers so you don’t get lonesome on those waves.

  • Snow Peak Smokemeister

    Snow Peak Smokemeister

    The well-constructed Snow Peak Smokemeister is a stylish smoker that’s a cinch to use making it ideal for the backyard, the beach and the backcountry. The multi-layered design means all’s you need to do is chuck in a few wood chips and hot coals, slot your meats or fish on to the racks and wait with mouth-watering.

  • Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler

    Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler

    As useful as iceboxes are, they sure can be cumbersome on those outdoor adventures, and that’s where the Pelican Dayventure Sling Cooler comes in. Fashioned from water- and puncture-resistant materials with a tear-proof outer shell, the easy to carry 8.5-liter design includes padded shoulder straps and a leak-resistant zipper.

  • Rumpl NANOLOFT

    Rumpl NANOLOFT

    A cool–not literally–piece of kit for your next camping trip or to keep in the car trunk, Rumpl NANOLOFT adds a heap of eco-credibility to the company’s cozy appeal. Enjoy the warmth and packability of the legendary trail-tested Down Blanket snug–and smug–in the knowledge that it’s been crafted using 100% post-consumer recycled synthetic fill.

  • Galileo HUD Dive Computer

    Galileo HUD Dive Computer

    Sure to make a helluva splash, the Galileo HUD Dive Computer brings to mind those high-tech helmets worn by X-wing pilots, except this one’s designed to be used underwater. The state of the art mask-mounted, hands-free kit projects a heads-up display of dive information right in front of you allowing you to focus on your dive, backed by an intuitive push-wheel knob that allows you to also navigate the customizable menu with ease.

  • Drop X-Mid 2P Tent

    Drop X-Mid 2P Tent

    Drop’s X-Mid 2P is a single-pole two-person tent that weighs only 2.42lb. It has an innovative diagonal rectangular-based fly, which maximizes space while minimizing setup time. It’s made of durable polyester and comes with eight titanium stakes.

  • Restrap Bike Bags

    Restrap Bike Bags

    Produced by a small but highly skilled family-run British outfit that specializes in outdoor accessories, Restrap Bike Bags offer some seriously innovative carrying solutions for your bicycle. An array of saddle, frame and handlebar bags have been fastidiously handcrafted from military-grade 1,000D Cordura backed by the likes of nylon webbing.

  • Rumpl Stuffable Fleece Pillowcase

    Rumpl Stuffable Fleece Pillowcase

    An innovative camping essential to ensure you sleep soundly under the stars. The Rumpl Stuffable Fleece Pillowcase can be filled with a pillow, or for those that like to travel lighter, spare clothing. Its insulated construction comprises one side of abrasion-resistant nylon, the other a stupendously soft moleskin fleece. Rolls into a compact stuff sack.

  • ABUS U-Lock 440 Alarm

    ABUS U-Lock 440 Alarm

    Protect your two-wheel ride with pride with the ABUS U-Lock 440 Alarm. The kryptonite-tough 12mm round shackle is forged from specially hardened steel and boasts a 3D Position Detection System that registers even minute movements, backed by a 100-plus decibel alarm that screams for 15 seconds then cleverly reactivates automatically.