Musical Instruments

  • Roli Lumi Keyboard

    Roli Lumi Keyboard

    Lumi is Roli’s entry-level portable keyboard. It has bright light up keys and a companion app that will quickly have you playing along with songs. Its app also teaches musical concepts and playing techniques. When you’re ready for more, snap the Lumi together with other Roli Blocks.

  • Voyage Guitars

    Voyage Guitars

    Looking for a guitar that travels well? Voyage Guitars easily break down in half to make traveling a breeze. Available in an acoustic and electric version, these full-size guitars feature a collapsible neck to easily fit in its included custom, high-impact backpack case. It’s really as simple as folding the guitar to store and unfolding it to play.

  • Maxwell Infinitum Acoustic Guitar

    Maxwell Infinitum Acoustic Guitar

    You’ve probably never played a guitar like the Maxwell Infinitum Acoustic Guitar. Or seen one like it. Sound has never looked so beautiful. The latest version of the Infinitum series from Maxwell Custom Guitars has been built with New Zealand native timbers – Kahikatea and Black Maire. It also features baked Black Maire fingerboard and headstock facing and ‘single point’ carbon fiber bracing which lets the soundboard vibrate freely while carrying the string tension. It is truly beautiful in both …cotinue reading

  • Roland Aerophone Go Digital Wind Instrument

    Roland Aerophone Go Digital Wind Instrument

    The musical playing possibilities are almost endless with the Roland Aerophone Go Digital Wind Instrument, and what’s more it’s earphone-friendly design means you don’t have to disturb a soul with your soulful renditions. Options include converting it into a sax (four variations), flute or clarinet, and it comes with its own soft case.

  • American Classic Stingray

    American Classic Stingray

    Secure yourself a US icon, the reimagined American Classic Stingray bass guitar is available with four or five strings and in a selection of striking or subtle finishes. All-new adaptations include a lightweight design that averages just 8.5lbs and reengineered tuning machines for to keep you sounding in top form for longer along with a more balanced neck. Get jammin’.

  • St. Vincent x Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Guitars

    St. Vincent x Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Guitars

    Release your inner Hendrix with St. Vincent x Ernie Ball Man Signature Guitars. This incredible range of axes boast premium roasted maple necks complemented by fretboards of rosewood, ebony or maple. Other features include a couple of pickup configs including three Dimarzio mini-humbuckers, and a five-way pickup selector for varying tones. Charcoal Sparkle, Blue Dawn and Sea Breeze are the all new hues.

  • Fender Player Series

    Fender Player Series

    Stratocasters, Telecasters, Jaguars and Jazzmasters, all the classics are accounted for in the all-new Fender Player Series, a reimagined range of the most iconic axes of rock and roll. Let your digits discover the likes of redesigned neck profiles and fingerboards along with a revised logo, upgraded bridges and bold body hues.

  • Roland Kiyola Piano

    Roland Kiyola Piano

    Bring out your inner Beethoven with the Roland Kiyola Piano, a gorgeous digital piano handcrafted in Japan and framed in oak wood–meaning each one is totally unique. Cool technology means it recreates the tone and response of a traditional acoustic offering, backed by three-foot pedals, various knobs, USB memory for recordings and ability to connect to apps on your tablet and smartphone.

  • Fender California Coast Ukulele Series

    Fender California Coast Ukulele Series

    Each of the five instruments in Fender’s new California Coast Ukulele Series has a decidedly California style and vibe. The Venice Soprano has a compact, comfortable body size and travels effortlessly from the beach to the studio without sacrificing its classic, light sound. The Montecito Tenor is constructed completely from KOA, and has a rich, sonorous tone that matches its elegant looks. Ideal for beginning players, the Seaside Soprano is crafted from mahogany and produces a light, joyful sound. Packed …cotinue reading

  • Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster

    Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster

    Kiss the sky with the epic Fender Jimi Hendrix Monterey Stratocaster, a tribute to the greatest guitar god of all time. The axe has been carved in honor of the rock ‘n’ roller’s iconic 1967 Monterey Pop Festival performance that culminated with him burning his guitar. “This is for everyone,” he said just before the blaze, but this isn’t–it’s strictly limited edition.