• Edge of Belgravia Stingray

    Edge of Belgravia Stingray

    All new kitchen kit with a sting in the tail from the knife-making kings. Like their blades, the Edge of Belgravia Stingray frying pan is formidable, featuring Swiss-made state-of-the-art non-stick coating, it’s super-durable, scratch resistant and offers even heat distribution, while the clever hexagonal shape makes it easier for pouring your culinary creation onto plates too.

  • Artisan Revere Super Steel Kitchen Knives

    Artisan Revere Super Steel Kitchen Knives

    Whether you’re a superstar, Michelin-star chef or a mere amateur cook, the Super Steel Kitchen Knives will bring a whole heap of glamour and goodness to your kitchen. A work of art for your worksurface, they’re slim, sharp and stylish, featuring a rounded spine and slip-resistant choil, with the elements etched on to every blade like an ingredients list, and a handle with a handsome mosaic pin.

  • Vermicular Cast Iron System

    Vermicular Cast Iron System

    It took three years for brothers Kuno and Tomo Hikikata to perfect the Vermicular Cast Iron System that blends the ancient and modern cooking techniques of Japan. The combination of the enameled Musui pot and Kamado induction cooker enables you to create dishes to perfection, with options including roasting, stewing and searing. It’s one precise piece of kit.

  • Willsence Electric Tea Kettle

    Willsence Electric Tea Kettle

    Are you serious about your tea? You don’t have to be British to take your tea time seriously. The Willsence Electric Tea Kettle will give you great tea every time. It may even make you British it’s so good. It has 6 temperature settings and knows the right temperature and steep time for the best tea. The auto start function on the tea kettle allows it to start brewing to a preset temp at a preselected time so your tea …cotinue reading

  • Cangshan W Series Leather Roll Knife Set

    Cangshan W Series Leather Roll Knife Set

    If you want to be the top chef in your kitchen, you need the proper tools. This Cangshan W Series Leather Roll Knife Set is a great place to start. It boasts a RedDot 2016 Award patent-pending design, with rustic teak wood handles and handcrafted brass rivets. It also comes with a handcrafted genuine leather roll that looks classic and stylish. This knife set includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, 10.25-inch bread knife, a 3.5-inch paring, and the leather roll. These …cotinue reading

  • Tojiro Bread Slicer

    Tojiro Bread Slicer

    Everyone knows that the best knives hail from Japan and the Tojiro Bread Slicer is no exception. You’ll slice bread like a ninja every time. It has a total length of 410mm, with a blade length of 270mm and it weighs 145g. It’s made from molybdenum vanadium steel, while the handle is laminated reinforced wood. It slices through bread with no shredding or hassle. You’ll slice bread so easily that you’ll be known as a serial bread murderer. It looks …cotinue reading