Home Security

  • Momentum Aria Outdoor Floodlight Camera

    Momentum Aria Outdoor Floodlight Camera

    Night or day you can rest assured that your home is being well watched with the Momentum Aria Outdoor Floodlight Camera. This high-tech, high-definition security camera is motion-activated and equipped with high-powered LED bulbs, a 110-decibel siren, infra-red for night vision and two-way talk. And, at less than two-hundred bucks, it is, ironically, a steal.

  • Blink XT Outdoor Camera

    Blink XT Outdoor Camera

    A super piece of uber-affordable home security kit, we bring you the Blink XT Outdoor Camera. The second-generation offering can be used inside or out, is equipped with Alexa voice control and seamlessly synchs to your smart home. Offers live views and video recording, with many more bells and (including a door bell add-on) and whistles to come. There’s nothing better out there for this price.

  • Airthings Wave Plus

    Airthings Wave Plus

    Airthings draws attention to a real problem in our everyday lives. We spend 90% of our time indoors. Because of this, it’s important to monitor the quality of the air we breathe and ensure that it is safe for breathing. The Airthings Wave Plus measures Radon, CO2, VOCs, Humidity, Temperature, and Pressure. It can be used in the home or in large office settings. Radon and CO2 levels can be dangerous to your health if not monitored, so the Airthings …cotinue reading

  • Momentum Cori Security Camera

    Momentum Cori Security Camera

    Affordable peace of mind for your home, the Momentum Cori Security Camera is also a cinch to install–and navigate. The dual system comprises a pair of Wi-Fi cameras that sport 110-degree viewing angles along with sound and motion detection, and night vision. Cloud storage is available, or opt for a (not included) microSD card, while footage can be beamed directly to your phone via the Android- and iOS-friendly app.

  • Wyze Cam v2 Smart Home Camera

    Wyze Cam v2 Smart Home Camera

    The incredibly generously priced Wyze Cam v2 Smart Home Camera sure doesn’t scrimp on technology. Users can now enjoy home security with an Alexa-compatible upgrade, so now there are the likes of live streaming and reply modes and motion detection filmed in 1080p HD offering awesome image and sound quality day and night.

  • Lighthouse Cam

    Lighthouse Cam

    Make your home the most intelligent on the block with the Lighthouse Cam. Infusing a touch of Einstein into a home security camera, the built-in AI will send the likes of real-life, real-time updates to your phone—such as when the kids come home—along with security alerts for unusual movements, and it also boasts face recognition.