• Wrensilva x Sonos Loft Record Console

    Wrensilva x Sonos Loft Record Console

    If you know anything about Sonos, you know that they are known for superior style and sound. The Wrensilva x Sonos Loft Record Console compliments your Sonos gear perfectly. Each one is built to order and combines classic looks with modern technology. You can stream vinyl to any Sonos speaker in the house, while the analog selector knob gives access to 4 listening modes: Sonos, Vinyl, 3.5 mm Mobile, and RCA Auxiliary. You’ll also get a fully decoupled belt-driven turntable …cotinue reading

  • Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers

    Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers

    You know that speakers are good when they fill your environment with sounds that you have never heard before while listening to old favorites. This is Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers in a nutshell. They have a great line of speakers that are truly innovative. Like the Utopia III Evo and SOPRA lines. These speakers produce sound so good that you will feel like you are listening to the songs for the first time. These speakers have a beautiful design and …cotinue reading

  • LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine

    LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine

    There’s nothing worse than trying to get some sleep in a noisy environment, but thankfully there are gadgets that can generate other noises that can cancel out the sounds of traffic and neighbors. The LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine is a great choice. This device gives you ten fan sounds, ten white, pink and brown noise variations, and two ocean sounds. Now you can catch some Zzzzs. It is powered by AC or USB and features precise volume control, an …cotinue reading

  • Cavalier Maverick Speaker

    Cavalier Maverick Speaker

    Enjoy some serious, room-filling sound with Cavalier’s new Maverick Speaker with Alexa. Easily use voice command to select and play songs, turn up the volume, and more — all while multi-tasking. Thanks to its Wi-Fi capability you’ll get all of Alexa’s best features like answering questions, managing smart devices, checking news, traffic and weather, as well as streaming music from apps like Amazon Music, Pandora, iHearRadio and Spotify. Available in black or indigo, it comes with premium leather charging base, a …cotinue reading

  • DEFOSS Logigram Turntable

    DEFOSS Logigram Turntable

    Logigram by Defoss is a marriage of vintage to modern in terms of listening to records. If you are a big vinyl fan, you know that there’s a quality about the record players from yesteryear. The logogram aims to bring back that quality while still taking advantage of modern technology for the ultimate experience. This fully analog turntable has an anti-vibrational CNC milled plinth and a barrier between the motor and the cartridge axis that is anti-resonant to ensure that …cotinue reading

  • Grande Utopia EM Evo

    Grande Utopia EM Evo

    The Grande Utopia EM Evo is the latest flagship model in Focal’s repertoire. The French Speaker maker, renowned for quality sound systems, has created one of its best creations yet. It is sturdier, better aligned, and most importantly, improves upon the high-quality sound we have come to expect of Focal-made speakers. Some of the new features include the Machined Reinforcement Rings (MRR) that improve rigidity, Tuned Mass Damping (TMD) suspension that enhances phase performance, and the Neutral Inductance Circuit (NIC) …cotinue reading