• Fluance Ai40

    Fluance Ai40

    No matter what your preferred musical genre, the Fluance Ai40 enables you to enjoy it in its most gloriously pure form as the rich sound fills every corner of the room. The powerful bookshelf 2.0 active speakers can be paired with everything from a TV to a turntable and are Bluetooth-enabled and boast beautiful wood casing around silk soft-dome tweeters and woven, glass fiber drivers.

  • Polk Audio Command Sound Bar

    Polk Audio Command Sound Bar

    The cineplexes aren’t going to like this offering, the Polk Audio Sound Bar merges Polk sound with built-in Dolby and DTS surround for a truly cinematic home experience via a wireless subwoofer. Add to that heaps of streaming capabilities, voice control, Alexa and 4K, and HD TV compatibility and you’ve got yourself some serious entertainment enhancing equipment.

  • Harman Kardon Google-Enabled Citation One

    Harman Kardon Google-Enabled Citation One

    Get ready for the next generation of smart speakers. Harman Kardon’s Google-Enabled Citation One speaker lets you use your voice to play your favorite songs and enjoy high-definition music streaming, all powered by the cloud. Get access to over 300 music services and make life easy as you listen to your favorite audio, Internet radio, and podcasts, all in superior quality. You can pair two Citation ONE speakers in the same room for stereo sound and you can turn off …cotinue reading

  • JVC HA-ET90BT Wireless Headphones

    JVC HA-ET90BT Wireless Headphones

    Finding wireless earbuds that stay and have a secure fit can be challenging. Luckily for us, these JVC HA-ET90BT Wireless Headphones won’t let you down. They have a secure fit with 3 point support, making them great for the gym, running, walking, biking and more. They connect easily via Bluetooth for a truly wireless experience. If you lose these earbuds, the Headphone Manager App lets you find them night or day. They will beep and an LED light will guide …cotinue reading

  • Crosley Retro Tape Deck

    Crosley Retro Tape Deck

    Do you still have a closet full of old cassette tapes? Well, for one quit living in the past, but if you can’t, at least get yourself this Crosley Retro Tape Deck so you can play your music in style. This retro tape deck has AM/FM radio and two shortwave radio bands. It also allows you to play your favorite music from a thumb drive or SD card. If that isn’t enough, you can use the recording feature and built-in …cotinue reading

  • LG PK7 Speaker

    LG PK7 Speaker

    Savor some big, big sounds from this relatively wee device. The LG PK7 Speaker, with the enhancive qualities of Meridian Audio, is complemented by some awesome beat LED lighting that synchronizes to your tunes. The tough construction is weather and splash resistant, Bluetooth enabled and boasts an in-built rechargeable battery meaning fun times, any time.