SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer

When somebody tells you to go and take a hike, you might as well do it right. And there’s just one way to go about in doing just that. For the outdoor experience, there is only one option – the SylvanSport Go Camper Trailer ($8,000). The SylvanSport Go is an adventure trailer that can be effortlessly towed by even the smallest of cars because of its light 800-lbs. frame. It’s easily maneuverable into any road, garage, or parking space. And perhaps best of all, the tent can be set up in mere minutes; storing it would take as much as well. It’s like the Transformers of tents as it can change from a mere trailer to a comfortable and secure camp in no time. The Go was imagined, designed, engineered, created and assembled in America; therefore, its quality, stability, and durability is unquestionable.