• Brilliant Smart Home Control

    Brilliant Smart Home Control

    Make controlling your smart appliances and other home automation devices simple with Brilliant’s Smart Home Control. It’s meant to replace light switches and provides a touchscreen and customizable shortcuts. It has variants that replace one, two, three or four switches, with the rest of the space taken up by touch-sensitive bars. It also has iOS and Android apps.

  • Hypelev Sneaker Stand

    Hypelev Sneaker Stand

    Harness and showcase fire with the Hypelev. It’s a levitating stand that lets shoe collectors show off their prized sneaker from all angles. It uses electromagnets to make your shoe – and presumably other similarly-sized objects – float. A small air hole causes your grail to rotate. It also has a white LED, so you can use it as a nightlight while you dream of that next cop. It’s available in white or black. 

  • blurams Dome Pro Security Camera

    blurams Dome Pro Security Camera

    Smart and great value, the blurams Dome Pro Security Camera is packed full of features such as AI face recognition that can store a database of your friends and family, automatic night vision, cloud storage and a privacy mode. The wide angle lens provides 360-degree coverage while the app allows you to live view up to four of these cameras at once.

  • PicoBrew MultiBrew

    PicoBrew MultiBrew

    PicoBrew’s upcoming MultiBrew is a compact appliance that can make coffee – both hot and cold brewed – tea, beer, kombucha and infusions. Its onboard computer and versatile design will let you make great tasting single servings, a pitcher, or even a keg of your drink of choice with just a few taps on its app.

  • Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs

    Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs

    At the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Aston Martin unveiled Automotive Galleries and Lairs, a service for deep-pocketed car lovers who want to create a special place for their collection. Whether you want a garage or an entire house or retreat built around your car, Aston Martin’s team of designers and architects can bring it to life.

  • LightCore Arcade Light Switch

    LightCore Arcade Light Switch

    Add a touch of retro gaming to your wall with LightCore’s arcade style light switch. It works with rocker or paddle switches. All you need to do is remove the existing wallplate and install the Arcade switch. It comes in black or white, while the buttons come in a variety of colors.

  • Concrete Valet Tray

    Concrete Valet Tray

    It’s so often the simple things that ooze the most style and bring the most pleasure, and it doesn’t come much more simple than the Concrete Valet Tray. This uber-cool, uber minimalist offering comprises four compartments to keep those daily essentials to hand and organized notably your wallet, coins, phone, and keys.

  • Momentum Meri Thermostat

    Momentum Meri Thermostat

    With echoes of Hal from Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, the Momentum Meri Thermostat is a features-festooned, super-smart circle to affix to your home and/or office wall. Perfectly priced, the device allows you to customize seven-day schedules for your heating and air conditioning, including ‘eco’ and ‘away’ modes, programmed with ease via the touchscreen or from your phone. Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on the Meri Thermostat.