• Sqoop


    You’ll be wanting to proudly display Sqoop, a superbly named, retro-cool coffee scoop crafted from hardy cast iron for a rugged, industrial look, and offset by a teak wood handle that’s a joy to behold. Craftsmanship at its finest courtesy of HMM, it’s unusually-shaped square head only adds to its allure.

  • Gessato Stovetop Espresso Maker

    Gessato Stovetop Espresso Maker

    Old school style and sensibility, the Gessato Stovetop Espresso Maker brews some seriously sumptuous Italian java in 250ml batches. Flavorsome caffeinated concoctions are prepared within a beautiful stainless steel body–that promises to keep you coffee hotter, for longer–adorned with a large wooden handle and both vintage and contemporary accents.

  • UMAGE Reader Wing Chair

    UMAGE Reader Wing Chair

    Designed in Denmark by Tor Hadsund, the UMAGE Reader Wing Chair has Scandinavian cool etched all over it. Not literally, but it does sport interchangeable cushions and a solid oak structure shaped in such a way that your body will sink and relax ready to devour a good book or philosophical conversation.

  • Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver

    Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver

    Based on the traditional Alaskan ulu knife, the Benchmade Nestucca Cleaver is a beast of a blade that affords more strength and reliability than a regular folding one. Made especially for hunting, the rounded, well-balance stainless steel blade makes light work of big game, while the finger hole and handle allow for multiple hand positions. Arrives in a leather sheath.

  • Professional Grade Chef Apron

    Professional Grade Chef Apron

    You could very nearly fight fires in the Professional Grade Chef Apron owing to its sizable surface area forged from hardy, 10oz cotton. But it’s not all about its Teflon-like toughness, this functional garment sports an array of pockets and pen slots and loops for the likes of towels and culinary tools. Ideal for everyone from baristas to backyard barbecuers.

  • CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair

    CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair

    You may have seen these beauties before on Shark Tank, a fun, convenient and comfortable solution to hosting sleepovers. Perfect to chuck in any living area, office, guest or kid room, the CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair brims with high-quality, malleable foam that allows it to easily unfold into a full-sized bed, while the removable microfiber cover is washable.

  • Studio Smart Table

    Studio Smart Table

    Among the coolest items we’ve come across recently, the Studio Smart Table infuses modern-day technology into a modernist design. The heather fabric table top, perched above sumptuous black walnut legs, houses four state-of-the-art Bluetooth speakers and Qi Wireless charging, and for those who like to keep it a little old(ish) school, USB and aux ports.

  • La Table Chic Cold Brew Coffee Maker

    La Table Chic Cold Brew Coffee Maker

    Sporting an intriguing design that looks lifted from a science lab, the La Table Chic Cold Brew Coffee Maker fittingly conjures up plenty of chemistry. Perfect for both coffee connoisseurs and iced tea addicts, the odor-free 1.5-liter glass jug houses a laser cut dual mesh filter and infuser, sealed with a stainless steel airtight lid to ensure your chilled brew remains fresh.

  • Aureus Arts Hand Carved Animal Skulls

    Aureus Arts Hand Carved Animal Skulls

    Vegans look away now, Aureus Arts Hand Carved Animal Skulls are truly mesmerizing–if slightly macabre–artworks that see artists sculpt their own unique patterns into heads of (dead) horned animals such as boars and buffaloes. Each piece is carved from 100 percent cruelty-free bone, and custom carvings are also offered for an extra 75 bucks.

  • LumiCharge Smart Desk Lamp

    LumiCharge Smart Desk Lamp

    Tabletop illumination that does it all, “smart” doesn’t do the handsome LumiCharge Smart Desktop Lamp justice. LED lighting with touch sensitive lighting modes and colors, it also boasts a docking station, USB ports and a display that tells you the time, the date and the temperature. It’s so modern it may have been sent from the future.