• Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

    Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

    Relieve all manner of aches and pains in your neck, head and back with the Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set. The padded mat and pillow is adorned with dozens of tiny plastic points that stimulate the body’s pressure points in a similar way that acupuncture does–but without the skin-piercing needles. It takes a little getting used to but is absolutely blissful once you do.

  • Rock Solid Adjustable Kettlebell

    Rock Solid Adjustable Kettlebell

    Build muscle and save space with the ingenious Rock Solid Adjustable Kettlebell, designed to be used by amateurs through to professional athletes. Seven kettlebells in one tough powdercoated unit, it’s a cinch to switch between weights–ranging from five to 20 pounds–and even arrives with a free workout poster.

  • SteelBee Razor Protector

    SteelBee Razor Protector

    Razor makers apply a coating on their blades to keep the latter rust free. But the coating wears away quickly, as early as your first shave. The SteelBee brings back that coating, making your razors last up to three times longer. Simply clip the SteelBee onto your razor’s head after every shave. One SteelBee works for up to 2 years. 

  • Push Up Bars

    Push Up Bars

    The cleverly designed curves of these Push Up Bars allow for a range of exercises for a greater range of muscle growth across your arms, chest, shoulders and core, while also improving balance. Those with dodgy joints can flip the bars over to allow a gentle rocking that not only eliminates excess wrist strain but increases muscle activation, and there’s an accompanying website that will run you through some workouts.

  • Manscaped


    Those who indulge in below-the-waist landscaping need the most trusted equipment around their most trusted equipment, and Manscaped offers just that. A precision electric trimmer, with SkinSafe technology, heads a range that also includes an old-school, but high-tech, safety razor, a vitamin-infused hair and body wash, toner and deodorant.

  • Carbon Fiber Comb

    Carbon Fiber Comb

    The professional grade Carbon Fiber Comb comes in the traditional seven-inch length with fine and wide teeth, or a shorter 5.5-inch with medium teeth and handy loop for your thumb and hanging. Made in the USA, its ideal for everyday use, its sturdy yet lightweight design, unlike plastic, is naturally anti-static, too.

  • Stealth Core Trainer Professional

    Stealth Core Trainer Professional

    Perfect that beach body with the Stealth Core Trainer Professional that promises not just a ripped torso but a healthy back to boot–and it’ll even keep you entertained as it does it. A wonderful world first, the interactive trainer turns workouts into a gaming experience, allowing users via their connected smartphone, to control what’s going on on-screen by leaning and engaging their abs and other core muscles.

  • Zoobells


    What could get the blood pumping any more than lifting wild beasts such as lions and wolves, perhaps as “Eye of the Tiger” plays in the background? These beautifully crafted, and inspirationally intimidating, Zoobells are kettlebells forged with total care and precision. Each one’s poured by hand at a small American foundry. 

  • Floatdeck Balance Board

    Floatdeck Balance Board

    The exquisitely crafted Floatdeck Balance Board boasts a warming bamboo surface that’s both welcoming to the bare feet and tough enough to take being trod on by shoes. The wondrous, water droplet-inspired carving will inspire you to get working that core while also strengthening your hips, knees and butt. Get balancing.

  • Tonal


    Not just next level home gym equipment, but next universe, Tonal is a wall-mounted, weight-free personal training aide that promises to revolutionize the road to fitness. All the major muscle groups are worked by way of a way bulk-free, electromagnetic weight system while the screen acts as a personal trainer running through various workout and recovery routines tailored to your needs.