For many years, both amateur and professional athletes, trainers, and rehabilitation specialists have relied on kinesiology tape to bolster muscle support, enhance circulation, diminish swelling, and alleviate discomfort. Despite anecdotal accounts suggesting the therapeutic advantages of applying these vibrant, flexible strips of breathable tape to targeted areas of the body, the question remains: how do users use and apply this tape without the help of a specialist to take advantage of all its benefits.

Introducing the KT Tape Mobile App, KT’s solution to provide users personalized support and guidance to demystify the uses, benefits and applications of KT kinesiology tapes and other KT products. Features of the app include:

Information at your fingertips

Users can quickly and easily find taping application guides directly on the home screen. Once a gender is selected, you can choose specific body parts that receive personalized recommendation based on your specific needs and goals, whether it’s for pain relief, injury prevention or performance enhancement.

Instructional Videos

A GearCulture favorite, the KT Mobile app offers a comprehensive library of instructional videos demonstrating proper taping techniques. These videos shows how to apply KT Tape for various injuries like knee pain, neck and shoulder instability, plantar fasciitis, and more. Users can easily access these videos anytime, anywhere, guaranteeing they have the confidence to apply the tape correctly like the pros for maximum benefit.

Step-by-step guide & Instructions

An added feature to further enhance the videos are the step-by-step guide and the added instructions to proper tape application. The step-by-step guide allow users to loop specific steps in the video if needed, while the instructions provide a break down of each step on how much tape is needed for specific condition as well as how tape is correctly applied.

Community Engagement

The athletic community is a tight-knit community of people who are all working toward a common goal which is to improve their fitness level so it’s only natural for KT to foster a sense of community among users by providing informative articles, sharing tips, and expert advise. A feature of the app also allow users to share information and videos on their favorite social media platform and spread KT love with friends and family.

Personalized content

A feature of the KT Tape mobile app allows users to easily compile their favorite content in the app. The My Content is an area in the app where you can find your collection of all your favorite taping videos, as well downloaded videos which can be viewed without WiFi or cellular service. Favorited reels and blog entries found in the Community section also appears in this section.

KT Store

The app provides a convenient way to purchase KT tape products as well as other essentials to enhance activity or recovery. Users can also learn about the different types of tape available, like their original cotton tapes, different pro tapes, or even gentle tapes for sensitive skin. You can also discovery non-tape KT products like ice sleeves, massage balls, creams, heat wraps and more.

Download the KT Tape mobile app and get ready to tape like the pros.