Bash Unbreakable Sledge Hammer

“The toughest jobs need the toughest tools“, states Wilton’s website. And that is most certainly true. When you’re hammering down the sturdiest of objects and surfaces, your sledge shouldn’t be the one to relent. Unfortunately, this can occur with hammers made of wood or fiberglass. The said materials just aren’t strong enough to hold out against abuse. So, for the most difficult jobs, there is only one hammer that is durable, indestructible, and won’t let you down when the tough gets going – the Bash Unbreakable Sledge Hammer ($40-$160). It is without a doubt the toughest sledge hammer ever built – molten steel bars reinforce the no-slip handle, as a locking steel plate holds the head to the said handle, making it the most reliable sledge in the market. The Bash has a $1,000 Unbreakable guarantee; they pay you this much when the product fails to live up to expectations after 2 years upon purchase – an apparent indication that points out Wilton’s confidence in their product.