Why Men’s Wooden Rings are Popular Now

Fashion trends are always changing, but it looks like men’s wooden rings are here to stay. Men’s wooden rings have become a popular choice for wedding bands over the last few years, as well as a fashion choice, because they are unique and eco-friendly. 

The reason for this is not only because they are sleek and handsome, but also because they are made from sustainable materials and can be personalized with an engraving of your choice. 

Wooden rings can also be a combination of wood and metal that creates a new style that is perfect for men. These rings are durable, strong, and look great on every hand!

The Reason Why Wooden Rings are Popular

Men’s wooden rings are a fashion trend that isn’t necessarily new but has grown in popularity in recent times. There are a number of reasons as to why we’ll list below, but just check out some of the fashionable wooden rings at AlpineRings.com to see why they’re so appealing.

Here are some of the reason why wooden rings are popular:


These rings are made from sustainable wood and eco-friendly metals and are very durable and long-lasting. Using reclaimed wood as a material is a hip fashion trend, like these reclaimed redwood sunglasses, and helps the environment to decrease the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and is therefore a very sustainable choice. 

Reclaimed wood is high-quality “upcycled” wood that looks and feels like virgin wood, but in the process it has been recycled. You will enjoy the rings because they’re more comfortable and stylish than the metal ones, as they’re made from sustainable and natural materials.


Wooden rings are great for personalized engravings, and designing with traditional pyrography techniques. Since it is a wood ring, you can have a very unique design of your own, and your engraved details will look incredible.

Wooden rings are also a fun woodworking project, so if you have experience in woodworking and pyrography, it’s really quite simple to make your own wooden rings.

You can easily personalize the rings by engraving your name or other words of your choice, and this makes them an exquisite ring to wear. You can also select other details such as your initials, birthstone, or any picture.


Wooden rings are not as strong as titanium, gold or silver rings. However, the kind of wood that will be used to make the wooden ring will ensure that the rings will last long.

The best woods that can be used for wood rings are hardwoods. Some of these woods are Ash, Mahogany, Teak, Zebra, Walnut, Koa, Oak, Maple, Chestnut and Padauk wood.

Wooden rings are generally less durable than metal rings. However, wood can be enhanced by using a stronger surrounding metal.

Safety on Job Sites

For people who work around machinery, wooden rings can be much safer than metal. If your metal ring gets caught in the machinery, for example, this can obviously be hazardous to your safety. However, a wooden ring will typically break first, and allow you to escape from impending disaster.

Affordably Priced

Unlike the traditional wedding ring, engagement ring, or any other type of ring, wooden rings are not expensive or overpriced. The beauty, uniqueness, and elegance of wooden rings give you a chance to express your style, your personality, or even your creative side.

However, the price of wooden rings varies by design or craftsmanship. But, no matter how crafting or design is, wooden rings will always be relatively affordable.