Trilby, Homburg, and Pork Pie Hat Guide

It is undeniable that hats are one of the essential elements of an outstanding fashion ensemble. Wearing one can help elevate your look, especially during formal occasions. Moreover, hats also protect against the extreme summer heat on the beach or the frigid winter. That is why you should always keep at least one hat in your wardrobe. 

If you are worried about not looking good enough to wear your pork pie, homburg, or trilby, you shouldn’t be. This article will give you some practical tips on how you can look more dazzling with your headwear on. 

Turning Heads with Your Trilby

Trilbies are known for being hats that have narrow, slightly angled brims. Traditionally, they are made from rabbit fur, but the modern ones can be based on leather, tweed, and even wool. 

So, how can you turn heads with your trilby? 

The first thing you need to know is the proper way of wearing it. Unlike fedoras, which are worn flat on the head to the point of concealing the eyes, trilbies are worn near the back part. They are much more revealing compared to fedoras, and this gives the wearer a nuanced look. 

Next, consider your clothes. Your headwear may be elegant, and your clothes may look voguish, but if they do not complement each other, you’ll end up looking funny. Trilby hats have the reputation of being youthful, so your pants and tops should also complement each other.

How to Flaunt Your Homburg

Originally used as hunting headgear, homburg hats possess this rugged, masculine appearance. They have flat brims, gutter crowns, and conspicuous ribbon trim surrounding the crown. 

Flaunting a homburg is relatively easier because of the versatility of this hat. Yes, you can use this with your formal attire, but it is also a good match for semi-formal looks. 

Do you want to wear a homburg with your suit and tie? That is something you can do. Or perhaps, you plan to wear it with a pair of jeans and a shirt, which is also possible. Just make sure that the colors of your clothing match your homburg, and you are good to go.

Donning a Pork Pie Hat with a Punch

Pork pies are popular not just because of their silly name but also due to their distinctive style. At first glance, many people mistakenly think that a pork pie hat and a fedora are the same. They are not. 

The brim of a pork pie is narrower than a fedora’s. Moreover, the crowns of pork pie hats are flat, much like the thing they are named after. These small details differentiate these two headwears from each other. 

If you want to pack a punch when you wear your pork pie, your main consideration is the shape of your face. Since these hats have shorter crowns, they only work well with oval or elongated facial features. Square faces will only look wider with a pork pie on. 

As for the clothes, pork pie hats are versatile, even to a more extent compared to homburgs. They especially work well with casual get-ups and even loose summer clothing.