• The Gladiator Claw

    The Gladiator Claw

    Owning a bike in the city is a good thing, but storing it when not in use can be a pain. Especially when square footage is very limited. The Gladiator Claw aims to solve this problem by getting your bike off the floor and out of the way. This advanced bike storage is constructed of high-strength plastic and capable of holding bikes up to 50 lbs. Once it’s installed, simply push the lock mechanism with your bike tire to store …cotinue reading

  • Keep Track Coat Hook

    Keep Track Coat Hook

    Simple, clean, and versatile, the Keep Track Coat Hook is a coat rack and shelving system proudly made in Portland, Oregon. Configure Keep Track to fit your distinct needs by sliding the metal pieces into and along a track of solid alder wood. The set come with two shelves and three hooks to make keeping track of your daily items almost effortless.

  • Bike Safe

    Bike Safe

    An Italian designed and made wall mount which may jut be the cleverest of its kind, Bike Safe blends beauty and practicality, perfectly. Hang any type of bike with any kind of frame, safely and neatly, thanks to the mount’s telescopic arm with a titling base which even has its very own in-built locking mechanism.

  • BikeBlock


    Stylish simplicity to ensure you bicycle stays standing, meet the beautiful BikeBlock. The cubic 18kg design is crafted from concrete with a slot carved out to fit tires from 26 inches to 28 inches by clamping them in position. The hefty weigh of the block means there’s zero danger of your ride toppling over, while the leather layer at the bottom means it’s safe to store on the high-end floor of your home.

  • Bluelounge CableDrop Multi

    Bluelounge CableDrop Multi

    Keep your cables exactly where you want them with the clever Bluelounge CableDrop Multi. Easily fix to desk, wall, or PC thanks to a self-adhesive backing to ensure up to four wires at a time never go awol. There are even different sized channels for a looser or tighter fit — depending on how often you move the wires — all available in a range of vibrant hues.

  • Jean Hanger

    Jean Hanger

    Hang your denim the right right way, free of creases and wrinkles thanks to the clever Jean Hanger, which also acts as a fine drying device too. Designed to fit on all jeans or pants with regular belt loops, it’s crafted from attractive beech wood. Invest in a few, and then there more excuses to chuck your clothing on the floor or back of the chair.

  • Re.Bin


    Made in the USA, with the highest level of eco-consciousness, Re.Bin promotes sustainability through functional, innovative design, making eco-friendly living simple, intuitive, and the best choice for everyone. Tailor-made to fit smaller, urban living spaces, Re.Bin is a sleek and elegant recycling bin that is designed to use paper grocery bags as liners. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, this sustainable bin blends seamlessly with your interior decor, so your commitment to the environment won’t hinder your style.

  • Up The Wall

    Up The Wall

    Design the layout, shape and size of your own shelving system with the stunning Up The Wall while simultaneously converting your storage space into an artwork that says something about you. Designed by the Bent Hansen Studio, the shelves are available with a laminate finish in either classy white or a brooding black.