Home Automation

  • Amazon Echo Studio Speaker

    Amazon Echo Studio Speaker

    The Echo Studio is a premium, yet compact and affordable smart speaker. It has a 5.25″ woofer, a 1″ tweeter and three 2″ midrange drivers. It also has a 330W amplifier and a 24-bit DAC. That setup, together with Dolby Atmos and Sony’s 360 Reality Audio technology, allows this small device to provide 3D audio. It even has built-in microphones that sense the acoustics of its surroundings, which it uses to automatically calibrate its sound for the best experience. All …cotinue reading

  • Brilliant Smart Home Control

    Brilliant Smart Home Control

    Make controlling your smart appliances and other home automation devices simple with Brilliant’s Smart Home Control. It’s meant to replace light switches and provides a touchscreen and customizable shortcuts. It has variants that replace one, two, three or four switches, with the rest of the space taken up by touch-sensitive bars. It also has iOS and Android apps.

  • OmniFob


    Keyport’s OmniFob is a key fob that can control smart devices such as lights, garage doors and speakers with just a couple of clicks. You can program it to toggle multiple devices at once, and you can save up to 100 commands at a time. It even has an optional accessory that lets you control certain functions on vehicles.

  • Nuimo click

    Nuimo click

    Home automation is not only getting forever smarter and more stylish, but more complex yet easier to use and Nuimo Click and its ilk are leading the charge. This wireless, self-powering switch affixes to the wall and allows the likes of light-toggling and audio control to further streamline your home.