• Patagonia ReCrafted

    Patagonia ReCrafted

    Patagonia’s new Worn Wear ReCrafted collection consts of toolkits, bags, t-shirts, vests and down jackets made from old Patagonia apparel returned by customers. Each item is available in limited quantities and is one-of-a-kind.

  • Peak Design Travel Duffel

    Peak Design Travel Duffel

    Riffing on the iconic shape that we all know and love, the clever Peak Design Travel Duffel can be carried in the traditional fashion–either swinging by your side or slung over your shoulder–and also as a backpack. Boasting a 35-liter capacity, this weatherproof nylon canvas constructed the bag, backed by aluminum hardware, is ideal for the gym and weekend getaways.

  • SOLO NY Packable Backpack

    SOLO NY Packable Backpack

    Whether to be stashed in the glove box or another backpack when on the road, it’s always handy to have a spare bag. The SOLO NY Packable Backpack is ridiculously lightweight and packs into a built-in pouch that’s small enough to fit into your palm. Sizable and stylish when unfurled, it boasts a hip black camo pattern.

  • DSPTCH Unit Vertical Pouch

    DSPTCH Unit Vertical Pouch

    DSPTCH’s new Unit Vertical Pouch is a 1L sling bag that lets you keep your essentials hidden under your outerwear. Its top zipper and crescent shape allows for easy access of its contents. It’s reversible, so you can wear it on either side of your body. It’s made of semi-transclucent Dyneema composite fabric, making it thin and light yet extremely durable.

  • The Ranger Fanny Pack

    The Ranger Fanny Pack

    Parks Project’s The Ranger is a large fanny pack that has an exterior made from upcycled Park Ranger pants. Its interior on the other hand is made from recycled nylon. It has a buckle in its strap and measures 13″x 8″x 4″. As with all Parks Project products, part of the proceeds will be donated to US National Park projects. 

  • Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Duffle Bag

    Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Duffle Bag

    Crafted from sumptuous American sourced full grain leather, the luxurious Pad & Quill Leather Duffle Bag is lined with upholstery grade herringbone fabric and sports brass stud feet to respectfully lift it off the ground. The uber-roomy main compartment is accessed via Gladstone’s iconic wide-hinge system, accompanied by features like a padded laptop slot, exterior newspaper slip pocket and removable shoulder strap.

  • Colfax Design Works Project TOAD Drybag

    Colfax Design Works Project TOAD Drybag

    The military-inspired Colfax Design Works Project TOAD Drybag is an impressive piece of kit that’ll keep your gear dry even when fully submerged. Airtight YKK Aquaseal zippers seal the roomy Cordura fabric compartment so well that, with the aid of a buoyancy valve, the bag can be inflated as a floating device. Once on dry land choose to carry it as a backpack or a duffle.

  • Killspencer Limited Edition Duffle

    Killspencer Limited Edition Duffle

    Drop dead gorgeous, the Killspencer Limited Edition Duffle is forged in the U.S.A. using premium Italian oil suede and Swiss-made antique finish Riri zippers. The handles, shoulder strap and accents are bullhide leather and the inside’s even fire retardant. A durable duffle that’s got you covered for vacationing or trips to the gym.