Art & Decor

  • Porsche 911 GT3 Rear Spoiler Shelf

    Porsche 911 GT3 Rear Spoiler Shelf

    An imposing shelf for deep-pocketed Porsche fans. Made by the automaker itself, this one-of-a-kind centerpiece used to be the rear spoiler of a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup racer. It comes with anodized aluminum brackets for wall-mounting and holds up to 265lb.

  • Hypelev Sneaker Stand

    Hypelev Sneaker Stand

    Harness and showcase fire with the Hypelev. It’s a levitating stand that lets shoe collectors show off their prized sneaker from all angles. It uses electromagnets to make your shoe – and presumably other similarly-sized objects – float. A small air hole causes your grail to rotate. It also has a white LED, so you can use it as a nightlight while you dream of that next cop. It’s available in white or black. 

  • Reign & Hail Song Lyric Posters

    Reign & Hail Song Lyric Posters

    England-based print shop Reign & Hail offers song lyric posters with a twist. They take all the letters used in a song and pile them up, but cap the poster with a clean text of the artist’s name, the title of the song and other details. They have a wide variety of featured songs and also accept custom orders.

  • Aureus Arts Hand Carved Animal Skulls

    Aureus Arts Hand Carved Animal Skulls

    Vegans look away now, Aureus Arts Hand Carved Animal Skulls are truly mesmerizing–if slightly macabre–artworks that see artists sculpt their own unique patterns into heads of (dead) horned animals such as boars and buffaloes. Each piece is carved from 100 percent cruelty-free bone, and custom carvings are also offered for an extra 75 bucks.

  • MB&F Starfleet Machine

    MB&F Starfleet Machine

    There will only be 175 pieces made, adding a touch of uniqueness to the already stunning MB&F Starfleet Machine which is crafted by Switzerland’s only remaining premium clock manufacturer. The spectacular spaceship-meets-tableclock design from an award-winning company boasts in-house finished movement and a power reserve of 40 days, during which time it beats with a precision accuracy of -2 to +2 minutes.

  • Revolicius Automotive Prints

    Revolicius Automotive Prints

    There’s no need to be a petrol head to appreciate the beauty behind the Revolicious Automotive Prints, a framed range of detailed iconic cars set to automotive art. Classy offerings include the Porsche 911 GT-3, 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL and the Le Mans 50th anniversary Ford GT. If your favorite ride’s not on the list, graphic designer Stamatis Tsirdimos will rustle one up especially for you.

  • HAOSHI Gilded Swallow X Clock

    HAOSHI Gilded Swallow X Clock

    The result of some seriously intricate craftsmanship, by hand, the HAOSHI Gilded Swallow X Clock is a wonderfully imaginative twist on a classic wall clock, with the numbers replaced by twelve small sculptured swallows. Each bird is mid-flight and sheathed in gleaming gold leaf, offering a functional and strangely hypnotic piece of art to your work or living space.

  • PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows

    PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows

    Affordable fur that is, most importantly, not actual fur, PoshPelts Faux Fur Throws & Pillows are ethical, luxurious items that mimic the skins of the Arctic fox, black bear, lynx, chinchilla and red fox. Also lined with faux suede, each piece is available in a range of colors and sizes all ideal for some seriously cozy cuddling.