Ford Fiesta 2017 – A Revolution In The World Of Cars

It was last year, to be specific on the night of November 29, 2016, that Ford announced the launch of its new car. The new car is the new generation of Ford Fiesta. Who does not love Ford Fiesta! Everybody does, right? For the same reason, the newest edition from Ford is keenly expected by the car lovers across the globe.

Even though it is called as the eighth generation, technically speaking we can still call it the seventh generation. This all confusion arises from the series of car which hit the market after giving a facelift to the sixth generation Ford Fiesta model.

Ford Fiesta is one of the smallest cars in the market introduced by Ford. It materialized the dream of millions to own a car of their own.

Ford Fiesta 2016

The Ford Fiesta 2016 came with three engines and that made it the perfect car for long drives which could take you through the roads without halting at the pumps. It was economically a successful partner for many. If we look at the interiors it was something more than what you paid the price. The interiors are amazing and came up with speaker sound system, heated leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. For the car lovers, they had the option to choose from a hatchback or sedan based on the interest and need.

Ford Fiesta 2017

2017 Ford Fiesta is all promising and comes with amazing features.

The car comes with an improved suspension which makes driving a seamless activity while adding in all the fun. 10% improved grip which comes with better cornering ability makes it better than its previous models. Changing gears is smooth and the much quieter gearbox is the one to take all the credits. The car comes with more power and improved efficiency making it the perfect partner for road trips.

The interiors are awesome and give away a class feeling. Use of high-class quality materials, more space with increased legroom makes driving all fun.

The exteriors are outstanding comes with smart designs and sleeker finish. You will find better wheel designs with new light details to impress the onlookers.

Through the years Ford Fiesta has always pinpointed the fact of offering safety over design and models. With new 2017 Ford Fiesta, you will be able to enjoy certain features like Lane Keeping Assist, Active Park Assist, Auto Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, etc.

Through the generations, technology has played a huge role in the success of the car. The car comes with features, which helps to achieve a stress-free driving experience. For the music lovers, the car comes with B&O Play which is capable of offering outstanding audio experience to the people. Moreover, you will find a subwoofer, various tweeters, and an amplifier along with 10 speakers to ensure you have unmatched video experience.

No doubt the new generation is definitely going to hit the market with all bells and whistles; you can still try out the old models of Ford Fiesta or Used Fiesta for a lesser price to end your curiosity. Ford Fiesta is all about a driving experience and since its first model, it has thrived to deliver what it claims.