Different Types Of Biking Boots To Add To Your Arsenal

If you are a dirt-biker, you might know the importance of biking boots. Biking boots are protective gear that saves you from various unwanted injuries and accidents while riding, thereby keeping your feet, ankle, and shin protected. Dirt biking is not an easy adventure. You make your way across a dirty, muddy terrain. This activity requires a lot of strength. You might hurt your feet while off-roading with your bike. In the worst-case scenario, you might end up fracturing your ankle. 

Biking boots protect you against all these mishaps. You cannot enjoy your dirt biking experience without wearing the right kind of biking boots. These boots are not restricted to a particular type or pattern. They vary according to your biking style, features, shape, size, and other specifications. 

If you are a biking enthusiast, add these types of biking boots to add to your arsenal for a smooth biking experience: 

Motocross Boots

These boots are considered the most protective boots. They are ideal for any off-road rider whose riding style is hard and fast. They can be worn for all types of terrain and provide extra padding and comfort to your feet. Motocross boots are made of full-grain leather. Sometimes, other materials, too, are used in designing these boots. 

They provide uncompromised protection to the toe and also include features such as steel shanks, gaiters, replaceable soles, buckles, and booties. The closure system of these boots is Velcro and high-impact. They include removable footbeds. You can buy them in various sizes. MX boots make the best choice of Motocross Boots. 

Adventure and Dual Sport Boots

These boots include the best features of both on-road boots as well as off-road boots. Hence, you can wear them on both occasions. Adventure and Dual Sport boots are waterproof, anti-slip, and have all-terrain soles. They provide extra comfort and protection to the feet against all the external elements. 

The padded inner liners don’t let you complain about the pain or discomfort while wearing these boots. They are made in full-grain leather as well as other materials. Other important features of these boots are removable and replaceable footbeds, Velcro or zippered closure, internal moulded protection areas, and steel shanks. 

Track Day Boots

If you are an aggressive biker who loves to ride a bike on more dangerous terrain, Track Day Boots make the best choice for you. They are also known as Sportbike boots and include protective features to defend against all high-impact blows. They possess contoured heel shin and provide extra ankle protection. 

The buckled or zippered closure of these boots lets you wear them quickly. You don’t feel uncomfortable or heavy while wearing these boots because they are very lightweight. Other sought-after features of these boots include replaceable toe sliders, torsion control, double and triple stitching, built-in shift pads, shock absorption technology, superior abrasion resistance, etc. 

Cruiser Boots

The role of these boots is to protect your feet, legs, and ankles from all types of crash impacts. They extend extra protection from all kinds of hazards and elements on the road. The sturdy creation of these boots makes them a popular option among all bikers. 

Cruiser boots are made using full-grain leather. They are equipped with superior features such as double and triple stitching, slip-resistance, oil resistance, built-in shift pads, leather harness reinforcements. They have an anti-torsion sole as well as brass or nickel buckles. 


Dirt biking is fun, as long as you wear the right boots while riding. If you end up wearing the wrong pair of boots, you might fall prey to accidents and mishaps. The above-listed pair of boots are a must-have in your collection if you are a regular biker. You can use them for many adventurous bike rides. You can also select the best type of biking boots according to your style of biking.