The AWAKE VINGA 3 is an electric hydrofoil surfboard that lets you experience the thrill of “flying” over the water’s surface. This cutting-edge watercraft uses advanced technology and sleek design to provide an exhilarating ride. A silent electric motor mounted on a hydrofoil wing propels the board, lifting it up and out of the water once you reach speed.

Riders can smoothly glide above the waves at speeds up to 34 mph on the VINGA 3 eFoil. A wireless handheld controller allows you to precisely adjust your speed and carving through turns. The rechargeable battery provides up to 75 minutes of ride time before needing a charge.

This eFoil is suitable for all skill levels – beginners can easily pick it up while experienced surfers/wakeboarders will love exploring a new water sports dimension. And since it’s electrically powered, the VINGA 3 is an eco-friendly, zero-emission watercraft option.