3 Tips for Photographing Your Car

If you consider yourself to be a motoring enthusiast, you will no doubt want to show off your car wherever possible. There are plenty of chances for you to upload pictures of your car to social media – whether this is to your own feed or to a like-minded online group or community. To do so successfully, you are going to need to know how to photograph your own car. Here are some tips to help you photograph it more successfully.

Optimize for the Platform

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are optimizing for the platform that you want to post your pictures on. You might decide that you wish to create albums for each of the special cars you own, so you can post about them individually and potentially create a My Photo Album online one day so that you have a physical copy of these photographs too.

However, many social media websites will compress your images when you upload them. Though you might be using a high-quality camera to take the photos, there is no guarantee that this level of quality is then going to translate into your upload. When editing your pictures for a site like Facebook, make sure that the photo is 2048px on its longest edge. Facebook won’t compress it as much and you will get a much sharper image overall.

Think About When and Where

The car is the main focus, but there is a background to think about too! Why just take a picture of your amazing vehicle in your driveway or on the street? By taking a short drive to a local beauty spot, you will get a stunning background for your photography. It could even be the perfect excuse for a road trip too – snapping pictures of your car as you go.

Don’t forget about golden hour! On a sunny day, this usually takes place in the hour after dawn or before dusk, when the sun is visible but close to the horizon. It is popular with portrait photographers, but there is no reason why you can’t use it for photos of your car too.

Learn Your Angles

You can take a photograph of your car straight on, but a more dynamic shot will always be off to one side or from an angle. As you get to grips with your camera, learn about where you can get the best angles from too.

Ever seen a professional photographer at work? They are unafraid to get down in the dirt or (safely) up high if it means that they will get the perfect shot. Take on this attitude, and you will soon notice that your photos are coming out a little bit better with each one.

Photography is a skill that needs to be worked on and perfected, and you have the perfect model in the form of your car. If you want to post pictures of your motor to social media, take the extra step to ensure that the photos you do make are of the highest quality they can possibly be.