The RED DSMC System


Jim Jannard has announced his modular digtal stills and motion camera called RED DSMC ($2,500 – $55,000). Each camera begins by selecting the “brain”, the Scarlet Professional or EPIC Master Professional. Both “brains” will come with several lens mount option which will give you full control on the customization. The Scarlet can be configured to shoot from 3K at 120fps (stills at 4.9 megapixel) up to 6K at 30fps (still at 9.4 megapixel). The EPIC sensors will shoot from 5K at 100fps (stills at 13.8 megapixels) up to 9K at 50fps (stills at 65 megapixels). [via Gadget Labs]

Red DSMC Scarlet Epic

Red DSMC Configuration

Customized Red DSMC