Travel & Luggage

  • Trtl Travel Pillow

    Trtl Travel Pillow

    Neck support pillows are a dime a dozen, but how many do you see that are scientifically proven to do their job? Most are a pain in the neck. The Trtl Travel Pillow is not. It does what it claims. It will keep your head in a better position when sleeping upright by holding your head in an ergonomic position. Your head won’t be nodding. It is made of super soft fleece and has a unique hidden internal support and …cotinue reading

  • Music Dopp Kit

    Music Dopp Kit

    A must-have for old-school musos, the Music Dopp Kit merges the functionality of a Dopp kit with the funkiness of rock, hip-hop and more, finished in an iconic boombox design. Inside awaits dedicated areas for headphones, a personal music player and a slew of further audio paraphernalia, all encased within premium Italian vegetable tanned leather.

  • FIM Caravans Migrator

    FIM Caravans Migrator

    Since 2014, Romanian-Bucharest based FIM CARAVANS has specialized in designing and making mini caravans like the Migrator. The Migrator is a mini caravan that will go with you with ease and it has all of the amenities that you want like interior sleeping area for two people, a kitchen area with a cooking and dishwashing area, luggage compartment, roof rack bars for more luggage or a tent, LED lighting within and without, battery Up to 100 Ah power, battery recharger, …cotinue reading

  • Vocier C38 Carry-On

    Vocier C38 Carry-On

    Enjoy convenience on the fly and wrinkle-free attire once you land with the stunning Vocier C38 Carry-On, luxurious luggage with features like Italian leather straps and a Zero Crease compartment. Promises to attract a few envious glances whether you’re seated in the front or back of the plane–this thing’s an award-winner for good reason.

  • Peak Design Travel Backpack

    Peak Design Travel Backpack

    We’re loving the minimalistic styling of the Peak Design Travel Backpack that also boasts the accessibility of a suitcase with top, side, front and rear access. Thanks to some cleverly hidden zippers, the recycled nylon canvas carrier, available in black or sage, is ideal for short trips owing to its ability to collapse from a 45-liter hauler into a 35-liter day pack–two for the price of one.

  • Henty CoPilot

    Henty CoPilot

    This duffel inspired Henty CoPilot backpack sure has got your back, promising to eliminate a whole heap of travel, adventure, commuting or gym woes thanks to its bag within a bag design that not only has loads of slots to organize you gear, but can incorporate the likes of a suit or dry bag. Get it in black, navy or camo.