• Gerber Paraframe Knife

    Gerber Paraframe Knife

    A high-quality, highly affordable tool for everyone from the military to hunters to outdoorsmen, the 2.22-inch blade (5.25 inches overall) means the Gerber Paraframe Knife is even small enough to be an everyday carry. Forged from high carbon stainless steel, it boasts an attractive, open frame, carrying clip and locking mechanism.

  • James Brand Ellis Knife

    James Brand Ellis Knife

    Bringing a minimalist sensibility to a multifunctional tool, the James Brand Ellis Knife is the most handsome everyday carry we’ve encountered in a good while–plus, there’s the added bonus of a lockback blade and screwdriver to make those everyday jobs easier and safer. Other handy features include a bottle opener, scraper, pry, and a loop to affix it to your keys, belt or backpack.

  • ResQMe


    The ResQMe is a must-have emergency tool that is small enough to slip into your pocket. This miniaturized escue tool features a spring-loaded head that can deliver up to twelve pounds of force to easily smash vehicle windows in case of a crash. The ResQMe also includes a razor sharp blade for cutting through jammed seat belts and an included clip used for hiding the blade and hanging the tool on a key ring.

  • Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Taking its name from an early American art form originating from the 18th-century whaling industry, Scrimshaw Knife Kit enables you to immortalize a hunt, catch or special occasion on your own personal bone-handled pocket knife. Choose from a lock-back or trapper bone model which will come with a hardened steel scribe, India ink, fine steel wool and more. There is step by step instructions to guide you through your personalization process. Get creative, get carving.

  • Gerber E-Tool

    Gerber E-Tool

    Forged from powder coated baron carbon steel and anodized aluminum, the Gerber E-Tool is compact, lightweight and portable and up to a multitude of tasks. The folding spade also sports a serrated edge good for chopping branches and sawing roots, making it ideal for huntsmen, outdoorsmen, tradesman, or to chuck in your shed or your trunk.

  • SOG Limited Edition Survival Tomahawks

    SOG Limited Edition Survival Tomahawks

    SOG Knives makes the best survival tomahawks in the business. These limited editions are no exception. These tomahawks are more than just an ax. These are versatile tools for taking on the outdoors like a pro. There’s a firestarter rod in the handle, a nail puller, and hammering head, and more. The Survival Hawk is all about having multi-functionality while being the perfect compact camping and adventure ax. These limited editions come in black or olive drab colors. This run …cotinue reading