Tees & Polos

  • Buy Me Brunch Friday Tee

    Buy Me Brunch Friday Tee

    You’re the kind of guy who isn’t shy about saying exactly what’s on your mind. Buy Me Brunch’s Friday Tee is right there with you. This ultra soft charcoal tri-blend crewneck t-shirt is crazy comfy and perfect to wear on your favorite day of the week.

  • Freenote Pocket Tees

    Freenote Pocket Tees

    Classic American styling, classically crafted in America, the Freenote Pocket Tess offer a contemporary take on a timeless, iconic item. The Freenote Pocket Tees sport a chest pocket and broken in feel thanks to their premium cotton blend fabric construction and are available in a range of effortlessly cool finishes such as olive, heather gray and sea green.

  • Pistol Lake Pocket Tee

    Pistol Lake Pocket Tee

    Few items are as iconic – or as simple – as the white tee, whether paired with denim and sunglasses on a hot summer day, or underneath a varsity cardigan for that classic fall all-American look. The Pistol Lake Pocket Tee is crafted only from cotton and the athletic cut flatters all body types. Just be mindful of that ketchup in your burger.

  • SilencerCo Don’t Drone Me Bro Tee

    SilencerCo Don’t Drone Me Bro Tee

    Switching from the world of silencers to the sartorial the SilencerCo Don’t Drone Me Bro Tee sports a nifty drone graphic and striking bold font. The 60/40 cotton/poly blend fabric boasts water-based ink to ensure it feels soft and natural, but not only does it look cool and feel great, but the longer sizing facilitates concealed carry. So if that drone does come a bothering, you can blow it out of the sky.

  • Movember x Junk Food Mr. Moustache Tees

    Movember x Junk Food Mr. Moustache Tees

    The annual admirable charitable face fur movement in support of men’s health has teamed up with Sanrio and Junk Food to produce a couple of very cool limited edition t-shirts emblazoned with a mustachioed Mr Happy and Mr Grumpy. The Movember x Junk Foor Mr Moustache Tees will be available at selected Bloomingdale locations. Get one and support your fellow GearCulture guys.

  • Thread Smiths Cavalier

    Thread Smiths Cavalier

    Re-inventing the white tee is as futile and pointless as re-inventing the wheel, right? Wrong. These smart guys at Thread Smiths have incorporated a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology into the design of their Cavalier making it virtually resistant to stains and discoloration, and it’s still 100% cotton too. Be afraid plain black tee, be very afraid.

  • Shitshow Tee

    Shitshow Tee

    A cool range from cool San Fran brand, Buy Me Brunch, Shitshow Tees sure do promise to turn some heads. Available as a supersoft tri-blend t-shirt for you, or a tank for your lady, each one is hand cut, sewn and printed in Fog City and they really are the s***.

  • Sans Form Tees

    Sans Form Tees

    An online store founded by a highly talented, ethical and imaginative group of graphic designers has introduced its latest range, Sans Form Tees. Using only 100% organic materials, these super soft t-shirts are created using hand screen prints and incorporate a slew of funky minimalist graphics, mainly in black and white, though other colors are available too.

  • Surprise I’m Drunk

    Surprise I’m Drunk

    The San Francisco based firm Buy Me Brunch always produces a whole host of cool, unique and highly original attitude-infused wares, but we’re especially loving this Surprise I’m Drunk tee. The ultrasoft charcoal triblend crewneck looks great with worn denim and some funky kicks, but should you happen to get pulled over while wearing it, we’re sure the officer will have a sense of humor.

  • Voyvoy Pocket Square Tee

    Voyvoy Pocket Square Tee

    Made from the softest of organic cotton and hand-stitched in the USA, the Voyvoy Pocket Square Tee’s are designed with a cool seam-free inverted pocket square emblazoned with fetching patterned linings to compliment the T-shirt’s plain hue. The slot is easily big enough to fit sunglasses, a wallet or your smartphone and the clever design means that it’ll fit snugly against your chest with no embarrassing man-boob-type bulge.