• Velosock


    Simple, stylish and so obvious when you think about it, Velosock enables you to display your bike at home, cleanly, as art. No need to worry about muddy trails across the carpet any more, this stretchy spandex cycling sock spans your tires and frame enabling you to keep your bike safely tucked up. There’s a host of cool patterns and solid colors to choose from.

  • Yosemite Coat Rack

    Yosemite Coat Rack

    Crafted using reclaimed mangosteen tree trunks from Southeast Asian plantations, the Yosemite Coat Rack offers a touch of stylish, sustainable practicality. The stunning timber is trimmed, cleaned, cured, sanded then stained, with each unique piece offering space for 10-15 hooks. It’s basically eco-art to hang your coat on, which is pretty darn cool.

  • Human Crafted Peg Board

    Human Crafted Peg Board

    Made by the finest of American hands and machines, the Human Crafted Peg Board is a blend of the bungee cord and the standard peg board. The possibilities are nigh-on infinite, ideal for the home, office, kitchen or, of course the garage. Accessories are available to improve the bungees functionality, and the 2.5-foot included cord is available in bronze or white.

  • Collapsible Tool Trolley

    Collapsible Tool Trolley

    This German-made Collapsible Tool Trolley is easily transportable and lockable, ideal for stashing your tools and accessories. There’s a plastic replaceable worktop with beech wood board, intermediary containers suitable for HAZER plastic drawer inserts and big castors to level out uneven flooring. Two separation sheets are included. Organize your shed or man-cave.

  • RoomSafari Triangle Hanger

    RoomSafari Triangle Hanger

    Your cool threads deserve to be hanged in style too, and we can’t think of a better way than with this RoomSafari Triangle Hanger. Designed by Berlin-based Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong, it’s inspired by its eponymous percussion musical instrument, and crafted from a hollow length of aluminum which boasts an opening instead of a hook. Clever.

  • JM & Sons Wall Coat Rack

    JM & Sons Wall Coat Rack

    These guys really know what to do with their wood. Handcrafted from salvaged timber, JM & Sons Wall Coat is a stunning storage solution for the stylish home. Above five hooks sit a couple of shelves – one wood and one sporting a gunmetal black finish – meaning your mail, keys, metro passes and the like won’t get lost.

  • Keyplate


    Key loss befalls us all, and usually at the most inopportune of times. Like when you’re late for the airport or your wife’s water breaks. Keyplate eliminates the problem with its simple and stylish stainless steel design to replace your current strike plate. Just don’t forget to hang your keys on there when you get in, otherwise it’s pretty pointless, obviously.

  • Boot Leather Valet

    Boot Leather Valet

    As tough as a pair of the company’s famed boots, and forged from the same Red Wing leather, the Boot Leather Valet offers protection – and a level of organization – for your keys, change, wallet and the like. Each one is stitched on a classic 1940s Singer sewing machine and is available with a choice of three linings: polka dot, bandana or camo canvas.

  • Shelfie Bike Mount

    Shelfie Bike Mount

    Ideal for those short on space, whether it be at home or the office, the Shelfie Bike Mount has a cleverly unique selling point: the bike hangs from its seat. Traditional mounts usually protrude through the cycle frame, running the risk of tangled cables, but not so with this and plus the cubby affords more room for your helmet and other biking essentials.

  • Sonntagsstaat Bicycle Rack

    Sonntagsstaat Bicycle Rack

    Show your “green” ride some appreciation with the stylish Bicycle Rack, a handmade shelf crafted from north European birch with a front of dark walnut wood. Quality Zysa brass hinges allow it to open and shut seamlessly while a sumptuous attached calfskin belt will keep the wheels in place. There’s plenty of room to store some cycling accessories too.