Portable Media

  • Sony PlayStation Vita

    Sony PlayStation Vita

    Experience entirely new gaming experience with Sony’s new PlayStation Vita ($250). Along with its beautiful 5-inch multi-touch OLED display, the portable handheld is also built with dual analog sticks, as well as a unique multi-touch pad on the rear to offer new gameplay. The PSVita will be available in a Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi models and will launch titles like Uncharted, Wipeout, Super Stardust Delta and Little Big Planet.

  • Finis SwiMP3

    Finis SwiMP3

    Working out without music sucks. And it’s even more so when your preferred workout is in a pool. With the waterproof Finis SwiMP3 ($130) you can easily swim for hours while enjoying your high-energy playlist. Simply clip the SwiMP3 on your goggles and its patented bone-conduction features will send sound vibrations directly to your inner ear. The SwiMP3 has an on-board control panel, can play cotiniously for 8 hours with a single hit and offers 1GB of storage.

  • Nu Dolphin Lite

    Nu Dolphin Lite

    Ultra-light with user-friendly interface and 100% water-proof! Get pumped up during training while listening to your favorite music with the NU Dolphin Lite Waterproof MP3 Player ($100). Featuring a comfortable ergonomic design, 5-minute charging time & wearable wireless headset – this MP3 Player is perfect to use in all sports activities under different environment.

  • Samsung BD-C8000 Portable Blu-ray Player

    Samsung BD-C8000 Portable Blu-ray Player

    Enjoy your favorite movies anytime, anyplace with the Samsung BD-C8000 ($400). This portable Blu-ray player features a 10.3-inch HD LCD screen, built-in 1GB of memory and supports 3D playback when hooked up to a 3D-capable television. Additionally, the BD-C8000 offers Internet@TV, which delivers the best of the web, and AllShare to enjoy music, movies and photos from other digital devices, right on your HD screen.

  • Toshiba Libretto W100 Tablet

    Toshiba Libretto W100 Tablet

    What’s better than a touch screen tablet? A tablet with dual touch screen. Weighing in at under two pounds, the Toshiba Libretto W100 Tablet ($TBD) features a dual 7-inch LED backlit, multi-touch screens capable of portrait and landscape orientation. Its clamshell design packs 1.02 Mpix webcam, 1.20GHz Intel Pentium U5400 processor, 62GB SSD, 2GB of memory, WiMax, Bluetooth, WiFi and more.

  • Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman

    Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman

    The cool, rugged and durable Sony W250 ($60) is a waterproof music player, making it a perfect partner on the trail, track, or treadmill. It supports MP3, AAC and PCM file formats, has a 2GB capacity, built-in 13.5mm EX Comfort Fit in-ear headphones, 11 hours of battery life, and available four colors.

  • Archos 7 Home Tablet

    Archos 7 Home Tablet

    With the Archos 7 Home Tablet ($200), you can watch your favorite movies on the seven inch screen or listen to music anywhere you go. The Android-based tablet also has a built-in Wi-Fi to easily surf the web to access other info, such as news, weather and more. The Archos 7 can play up to seven full hours of video and 44 hours of music on a single charge, keeping you easily entertained during long trips.

  • Cowon J3

    Cowon J3

    With a robust feature set that’s sure to excite any gadget freaks, the Cowon J3 ($TBA) brings entertainment at your fingertips. Available in a 4GB, 8GB and 16GB model, the J3 offers a large, bright 3.3-inch AMOLED touchscreen with 16 million colors and 480×272 resolution, TV-out, Bluetooth connectivity, 64-hour music and 11-hour video playback, MicroSD slot and integrated speakers, all packed in a gorgeous slim body.

  • Microsoft Courrier

    Microsoft Courrier

    It won’t be long until the first iPad challenger takes its place in the market. Take, for example, the Microsoft Courier ($TBA) due later this year. Featuring a dual 5×7-inch, side-by-side touchscreen, the Courier is designed for to be extremely portable and employs a variation of Windows Mobile 7 and NVIDIA Tegra 2 graphics processor. First round of known features include hand recognition for jotting notes on journals, built-in camera, cloud storage and a headphone jack for media playback. [source]

  • Skiff Reader

    Skiff Reader

    Lightweight and portable, the Skiff Reader ($TBA) offers electronic reading in a simple, elegant and modern package. The Skiff is ultra thin and equipped with a large 11.5-inch metal-foil touchscreen display that’s extremely durable, intuitive and has four times as many pixels as most competitors. In addition, it include 4 GB of on-board storage with SD card expansion, 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi and 3G.